The Best comedic Movies Starring Women

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You’ve probably heard the hype about Trainwreckthe new Judd Apatow movie starring Amy Schumer. I didn’t love it. The reason I didn’t love it were the played-out romcom tropes the movie eventually descended into despite a very promising start and a promo engine that promised an unapologetic look at female sexuality. We’ve seen better movies about women behaving badly (according to “society”) with hilarious results like Legally Blonde, Clueless, and Bridesmaids. But are you missing out on some glorious celebrations of lady-humor that have less blockbuster appeal and more of a cult following? Don’t worry, dude. I got you.

Here is your comprehensive list of feel-good chick jams.

For a Good Time, Call…

Recently added to Netflix and an all-around feel good movie, this tale of 2 women who decide to start a phone sex line gives me new life every time I watch it. It’s got amazing improv’d cameos from Seth Rogen and Kevin Smith, plus great characters and a very satisfying ending. See what I did there? I have a friend who loved this movie so much that she wanted to watch it again immediately. I can’t urge you hard enough to push play and convince Hollywood to make more movies about women falling in friend-love.

Drop Dead Gorgeous

Remember when mockumentaries were really, insanely popular? I’m saddened every time someone’s never heard of this one. Starring some big names before they blew up, you’re taken on a journey through a Midwestern beauty pageant wherein the contestants keep mysteriously dying. The unexpected twist at the end would make M. Night weep with envy if he had human feelings. If you’re into dark comedy and the resilient human spirit, this one’s a winner.

Obvious Child

It’s got a terrible name, I know. This recent indie darling got a lot of hype because of its no-apologies depiction of a woman who decides to get an abortion. Honestly though, this is not the best reason to watch the movie. Jenny Slate is a goddamned treasure, the dialogue makes you want to shoot soda out of your nose, and it’s the least sappy romance I’ve seen in years. It’s worth watching for the fart jokes alone but the immense heart to this movie will fuel you for days.

Easy A

No one gives this movie enough credit for being legitimately well-written, well-conceived, and well-acted. I would give anything for Patricia Clarke and Stanley Tucci to be my parents. Fall in love with Emma Stone for like the zillionth time as she plays a student inspired by The Scarlet Letter to extort gifts from dudes by pretending to have sex with them. Her character is a game-changer for the high school scandal genre. She’s sassy, isn’t all tied up in knots with adolescent feels for her love interest, and doesn’t get involved in a weird subplot about being popular. If you’re ever tired of watching Mean Girls, give this a try.

Mansfield Park

British period dramas are like crack to some people. They’re costumed and angsty with sweeping vistas and big words. The adaptation, starring Frances O’Connor, of Jane Austen’s darkest comedy has a little bit of this while maintaining a sense of humor and relatability. You will love Fanny Price. You will get her. You will quote her like crazy, because she’s a mouthy broad who isn’t gonna take your shit and none of the other characters appreciate her. If you thought you weren’t into accent porn like Pride and Prejudice or the new (great) Far from the Madding Crowd, that’s ok. You have Mansfield Park instead.

In a World…

Other than Morgan Freeman’s caramel silk clarity, we don’t often think about voice-over actors. We also don’t see enough Lake Bell. Not only does she have an apparently interesting range of talents, she lays the smack down on yet another male-dominated profession with a crew of delightful supporters like Tig Notaro and Dimitri Martin. Plus she’s got daddy issues. Who doesn’t, am I right? You’re going to choke on your spit when she meets a woman with enough vocal fry to stoke the fires of hell.

Honorable Mentions:

Saved! featuring Macauley Culkin in a wheelchair and an unfortunate pregnancy without any ridiculous Juno-esque dialogue.

Real Women Have Curves, because celebrating body types is cool (all of them are real despite the title but this was the early 2000s so give them some credit) and so is celebrating culture heritage.

Heathers, shot like your Lynchian fever dreams and is a classic anyway so why haven’t you seen it yet?

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