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McDonald’s Rips Off San Francisco Artists

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You probably saw David sikorski  & Kristina Bakrevski’s brilliant little photo shoot around San Francisco, featuring David’s ‘engagement’ photos with a carne asada burrito.

burrito proposal


David is a contributing writer at as well as sfweekly and others, Kristina is a photographer at Sf Station. Their photo series made fun of all the stereotypical engagement photos you see in your facebook feed, at all the same clique and picturesque San Francisco locations, the Palace of Fine Arts, running on Baker Beach…or waving from a trolley car etc.


The piece made nearly everyone smile and it was picked up by many major media outlets after  published it on buzzfeed.  The huffington post, and others ran it while crediting the artists for their work.  And now, a month later…it was picked up by McDonald’s.  Only McDonald’s isn’t a publisher sharing an artist’s work, they are a massive corporation trying to trick you into equating ‘love’ with cheap hamburgers.  Check out how they blantantly copy Kristina Bakrevski & David Sikorski’s concept for their advertisements on twitter:


photo by Kristina Bakrevski, check out original article at




original and rip-off, these ads are all over mcdonald’s twitter feed


The theft is shameless, the irony is McDonald’s really wishes you’d love their food…David was kidding




You know how the Fat Jew got busted and called out this month for stealing real comedians material for his own personal and financial gain? Justice Served! David Sikorski who came up with the concept and licensed the pictures assures us that no one from McDonald’s approached him or Kristina about their work. One of McDonald’s so-called ‘creatives’ (contracted or otherwise) simply ripped off this work & concept, they didn’t even bother changing the shots or poses.  At the very least they should apologize and share what they were paid for ‘designing’ this campaign with the people who actually, designed this campaign.  Let’s call out McDonald’s, this is their twitter account


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  1. Passive Aggressive
    August 20, 2015 at 3:53 pm

    “they didn’t even bother changing the shots or poses.”

    Yes they did. The shots and poses are similar, but not the same. They definitely copied the concept, but they made some changes, which may or may not let them skirt intellectual property rights.

  2. Kevin O'Leary
    August 21, 2015 at 3:45 pm

    I’ve worked on a few dozen ad campaigns and from my experience, the creative directions (not necessarily) the executions, are locked many months in advance. While the could have easily pooched a few creative examples from this photo shoot, if you see an kind of video material that leverages this theme, I’d bet it was filmed back in June or earlier. Either way, this article has made me hungry.