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New Late Show w/ Colbert Debuts

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David Letterman’s era is over at CBS.  Now Stephen Colbert of the Colbert Report takes over the iconic Late Show seat.  His reign started on network cable last night, and of course I watched it online this morning, because I am under the age of 45, therefore I do not sit through commercial breaks on cable television.

The big questions is, will Colbert assume the character he created for the Colbert report, or will it be the much milder ‘Stephen’ doing the job…

He starts the show with the typical late night monologue, and sits at a desk on the left of his guests, and has a band leader (Jean Batiste) to bounce questions off of, he’s following the classic formula.  His first guest interviews were George Clooney and Presidential Candidate Jeb Bush.  Nothing too shocking here, it’s fairly low on satire, so far Colbert has taken the traditional approach to Late Show, while at the same time making it his own.  See for yourself


Jeb Bush

All You Can Trump Buffet

You can watch the whole Episode online at

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