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Clare’s Deli is Closing

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Clare’s is closing up shop the first week of November.  We asked Clare, “WHY OH WHY?!”  Because selfishly, we don’t want our French Dips to go, we want to keep eating them with our booze at The 500 Club.  Clare’s getting evicted???!!! That puts a serious cramp in our ‘hair of the dog’ regiment in the Mission.

But Clare is not being evicted, she is simply moving on.  She tells us:

“I’m moving out of the city for many of the reasons others are and hope to do my thing somewhere a little more reasonable. A nice local guy is taking over my space and I would assume he will keep some of my specialty items. And I’ll be sure to leave my dip recipe. It has been the hardest decision of my life to leave my little dream and the City that I’ve made my roots in for 20plus years , but I’m starting to see it as a new chapter. I’ll be around for several more weeks. Come visit!”

Hopefully the new deli really does keep the dip recipe, because it is f*@ing delicious.  Go get em while you can.


Clare’s legendary ‘Dip’. photo yelp

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