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10 Movies to Watch Tonight Because No One Can Afford Fashion Week

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New York Fashion Week continues until Thursday and if you’re reading this website, you probably can’t afford to go. Don’t feel bad–even people who can afford to go can’t go because invites to the shows at Lincoln Center are harder to come by than that Chanel holographic nail polish that they only had in stores for like two miliseconds. If your Fashion Week FOMO is hitting you as hard as it’s hitting me, do what I do and try a fashion movie marathon! Here’s 10 movies you can watch TONIGHT because for some reason the morons that make streaming services don’t make amazing fashion movies like Ready to WearIntern, or The September Issue available during Fashion Month (AM I THE ONLY GODDAMNED PERSON IN THIS WHOLE INDUSTRY WHO KNOWS HOW SYNERGY WORKS???)

(I’ve organized them by streaming service because I’m not a sadist. Availability current as of 9/14/15)


  • In Vogue: The Editors’ Eye. THIS ONE IS THE BEST ONE and you should definitely watch it first. If you loved listening to Grace Coddington wax poetic about “fashion as fantasy” in The September Issue, this doc scratches that itch and then moves downstairs and gives you a happy ending by interviewing the last half century of Vogue fashion editors and having them lead you through their most iconic editorials.

  • The Devil Wears Prada. This movie kinda sucks dick but Meryl is good in it and the weird “French fashion editor is a villain” subplot makes this a good companion piece to your next movie…


  • Mademoiselle C. The titular Mlle C is Carine Roitfeld who is the BAMF-iest bitch to ever put on stilettos and used them to walk away from running Vogue Paris and ends up going to war with the Conde Nast empire. This documentary… um, documents… her journey to creating her own magazine after leaving Vogue Paris. Great to watch if you’re the kind of person who speaks bad French when you get wasted.
  • The True Cost. Balance out the fantasy of fashion with the reality which will make you strongly consider maybe thinking about not shopping at Forever 21 anymore…in a while, when I get some money.
  • Bill Cunningham New York. The OG street photographer that puts all the blogs you read to shame.
  • Unzipped. Isaac Mizrahi before he was Isaac Mizrahi for Target. Lotta celebrity cameos and catty asides (the best kind of asides).
  • Yves Saint Laurent. If documentaries aren’t your thing (WHO ARE YOU?!) this is an interesting and heartbreaking portrait of a designer your mom probably loves.


  • The Tents. A nice homage to when Fashion Week was still in Bryant Park. Kind of shows how out of touch fashion people can be when the documentary equates 9/11 with Alexander McQueen’s suicide but the clothes are pretty at least.
  • Make It In America: Empowering Global Fashion. The driest of the bunch but very informative and probably a good thing to watch before going back out into the real world. Also I needed 10 movies and “Head Over Heels” on HBO Go was NOT cutting it.



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