Trump/Conway Effigy Severely Beaten in San Francisco Mission District

Updated: Sep 18, 2015 08:13
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Guest Post By Lia Azul Salaverry

image (12)After the screening of CNN’s GOP presidential Debate at the Roxy Theater, protesters took to the streets to beat a double sided pinata of Donald Trump and Ron Conway.   The debate screening was  hosted by San Francisco’s League of Pissed off Voters and Tom Ammiano who reportedly were not involved in the beating.

Labor and tenant advocates distributed literature connecting the Republican celebrity magnate to the many battles against big developers in the city.  Mission community members, fed-up with the status quo both locally and nationally, took some pleasure in the dump on Trump impromptu outburst.  They distributed the following literature leading up to the event:

“It is no mystery that Donald Trump is a raving @$$ hole…what is shocking are his poll numbers.  We are a nation in crisis. Racism and economic inequality have reached a boiling point. Trump, the corporate hog, has capitalized on this to manipulate the political arena to his agenda.  More chilling still, are the vast similarities between Trump’s worldview and Ron Conway’s here in San Francisco…

image (13)

Trump, the developer, unabashedly expresses his bigoted views on race in America. Similarly, Ron Conway’s disregard for communities of color, has led to the displacement of thousands in SF to make way for gentrification. Hell, Ron Conway and Trump could even pass as brothers.

Trump, the racist, talks openly about excluding Mexican immigrants from the American Dream. Recently, Republicans like Ron Conway have criticized our commitment to immigrant rights, calling San Francisco a “sanctuary city” and calling for massive, dangerous reform.

Trump, the capitalist, like Conway, believes that money should be the currency for human valuation. Conway and the rest of the wealthy class ought to reign because they’re superior. Conway and his corporate interests have been buying SF city hall and calling the shots. These corporate hawks have been allowed to go unchecked and unmatched, and have caused massive social problems for the rest of us.”

Then the “Trump, Trump: DUMP THE CHUMP! ” began:

image (14)

image (16)

image (18)

“The event was so popular, we had many asking for second licks on the head after the body was destroyed!”
– David Carlos Salaverry

The upcoming elections in San Francisco, and nationally in 2016 represent this critical tipping point between these powers and their resistance. Now is the time to mobilize. Now is the time to unite!

Exclusive Video of this Event will Published on by midnight tonight!

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