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ShakesBEER: An NYC Pub Crawl

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The other weekend I went to the theater. Ok maybe it wasn’t so much of a theater, as it was a theater of the human condition. A bar, I went to bar.

But I went to this bar to partake of the theater of the human condition, to soak up the wisdom of my fellow man. Drink, I was there to drink. But while I was drinking at the bar, I did happen to see some actors acting some Shakespeare, and it was pretty fucking cool.

The idea of the Bard in a bar immediately appealed to me because, frankly, I’ve seen Shakespeare in the Park, and who needs all that sunshine, fresh air or the sight of, ugh, fresh-faced children? (Sorry I just threw up in my mouth a little bit). I don’t want to see the drunken

My dreams came true for two Saturdays this September when the

The ShakesBEER Pub Crawl brought something truly unique to the New York bar scene. I mean where else could you have a drink, hear passionate speeches, see men and women crossdressing, a homeless drunk guy waving a knife…ok, that’s pretty much the New York bar scene in a nutshell, but still.

Photo Credits: Vince Gatton, Allyson Herbst

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Allyson Wolff, Future Multi-Thousandaire

Allyson Wolff, Future Multi-Thousandaire