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Worst Public Transit Stories in San Francisco

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Every now again we ask YOU, our fine readers a question on Facebook.  This time around it was “What’s your worst public transit story?”  Out of over 100 responses we chose the worst, or ‘best’ depending on how you view the world…WARNING: Some of these are f*@king hilarious…and/or really gross


Worst Live Animal Story


Worst Shouting Match

muni 3

Worst Place for A British Umbrella
muni 10

Worst Delay

muni 4

Worst Experience, Decent Conclusion?

muni 2

Worst Parent

muni 5

Just Gross

muni 13

How Much Time Do You Have?

muni 14


Prince of tides

muni 15

Low Blow

muni 16

Watch Your Mouth Young Lady

muni 18


muni 20

Driver! This is MY Stop!
muni 17


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1 Comment

  1. NunyaDangBisness
    March 5, 2016 at 4:54 pm

    I watched a 38 or 38L bus driver sling crack to someone right in the middle of the day one spring afternoon about 8 years ago. That’s right…the bus driver was slinging rocks on his route.