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SF Music Video Making Fun of Hipsters

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San Francisco rapper Cozmost (or underground Emcee as he puts it)  has dropped a new music video that  lampoons hipster culture and a gentrified San Francisco.  It’s filmed in Dolores Park, Church & Market, as well as other delightfully local places that have changed after a wave of tech money and articles in Forbes magazine blew them up.  The video has some clever lines and will definitely make the average San Franciscan smile…and then frown as the reality of it sinks in.

“Hipsters get no love, not that I am one, gentrification is not that bad, it’s actually quite fun, an invasion of cool, Columbus but more chique, last week my girlfriend opened a boutique called ‘Unique’ “

More Cozmost on Soundcloud:

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  1. Billy Goodnick
    September 30, 2015 at 1:10 pm

    Makin’ a buzz! Great spotlight!