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Updated: Oct 23, 2015 11:11
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San Francisco’s 40th annual Open Studios kicks off this weekend!  Hundreds of SF local artists will opening up their work space to hangout with you for the next 4 weekends.  We will be highlighting artists we love and think you simply NEED to hangout with too.  Weekend 1 takes place at the massive Hunters Point Shipyard where large buildings next to the bay play home to thousands of pieces of art, you can wander for hours.  Thank You ArtSpan for keeping this awesome SF tradition alive, and if you are looking for a particular artists you can find all their location info on the ArtSpan sight right here!  If at anytime you want to learn more about the artists listed here, just click on their names.  Now without further ado, our picks for this Saturday and Sunday at Hunters Point Shipyard & Islais Creek Studios

Art Writer Alisa Scerrato Picks:

James Gleeson

Artist James Gleeson has been participating in SF Open Studios for 20 years. A third generation San Franciscan and graduate of the University of San Francisco and the Academy of Art University, Gleeson has a deep admiration for his native city and considers his work “A Love Affair with San Francisco.” While Gleeson enjoys experimenting with a variety of styles and paintings, his main work often deals with San Francisco historic signage and people. “I like to go back and forth into different styles. That’s the way I work. It’s not going to be the same every year.” Last year, Gleeson’s work with SF Studios mainly featured figures and abstractions, but this year, he is mainly going back to his signage work.

One of the paintings that will be exhibited at Hunter’s Point will be “In and Out Burger.”

Nina Katz (2 ArtSpan Juror selections)

Nina Katz, “Queen V”

Nina Katz is a self-taught artist who was born in the projects of Brooklyn. As a child, her family moved to Hong Kong, where she spent her formative years. Katz eventually moved back to the states and obtained a degree in nursing but then tried a career change working for a tech start up in Silicon Valley. About 20 years ago, Katz decided to start painting seriously and is now a full time artist creating paintings in her Berkeley home.

Nina Katz “A Year of Portraits From the New York Times Obituaries.”

This weekend, Katz will be exhibiting, “A Year of Portraits From the New York Times Obituaries.” It is one of Katz’s early projects that unintentionally came into fruition. “I always read the obituaries because I love reading about people’s lives, wonderful and tragic as it is, said Katz. “And when I started that project, I was looking for a daily drawing practice. I wanted to do one thing every day.” Katz’s intent was to see how her daily drawing practice of a similar subject would impact her drawing skills over time. Her initial commitment to the obituaries was only for a couple of months in order to hone her skills, but the project eventually blossomed into a full year committed practice that resulted in 365 sketched portraits in 12 Moleskine books.

Art Curator Marilyn Jones Picks

Ivy Jacobsen

About 15 years ago, Ivy experimented with a medium, and upon accident, created a beautiful piece of art. Her exploration began her journey with many mediums, and many layers. Combining gold leaf and glazes, her art has withstood the recession and is here to stay. A full time artist, and in collections across the world, Ivy’s “magical realism” invites you into her paintings and into her studio in Building 101, #1423.


Rebecca Haseltine

 The first time I walked into Rebecca Haseltine’s studio, I felt a breath of fresh air. Her art may not be image based, but the movement within her mixed media pieces is delicately captured. A former art teacher for children with language and physical impairments, and once a professional dancer, Rebecca incorporates mindfulness, deliberation, and calmness in her artwork. Honestly, it is so powerful it may re-set someone in an existential crisis. Building 101, #2118


Robin Denevan

Robin has one of the largest studios at Hunter’s Point, because his art commands a presence. Made of encaustic, copper, ink, acrylic, aluminum, or steel, and sometimes used in conjunction with each other, Robin’s art can be rather large at times, which is perfect for someone who needs work on a larger scale. Highly prolific, and professional, Mr. Deneven likes to experiment with new mediums and if something goes wrong, he will tell the buyer about his discovery and fix it himself. Warm undertones on cold hard surfaces, his art captures the essence of water, trees with light filtering through, and nature at it’s most relaxed state. Robin’s figurative series also works well in conjunction with his other works from his collection, so many buy more than one. Building 116, #2


ArtSpan Juror & Local Eccentric Alex Mak Picks

Erika Meriaux

Erika’s portraiture offers incredible perspective, when I look at her art I’m simultaneously brought into the moment while being perfectly aware of its fantasy.  The poses and settings she places her subjects in are always interesting and full of purpose.  There’s both humor and tragedy abound.  I recommend checking out her work at Bldg. 125, #J this weekend.

Paul Gralen

Here is something interesting to do, walk around the Hunters Point ship yard, then walk into the studios and see how an artist captured what you just witnessed.  To use a word I hate, it’s very ‘meta’…sorry, jesus I’m really sorry I used that word.  Anyway, Paul Gralen’s photography is a nice way to experience our city through an artist’s eyes.  Bldg. 101
Galvez Ave and Donahue St Room #2220


Eric Joyner

You know, robots have dreams and aspirations too.  Eric Joyner’s work is unique, playful, and will make you smile.  I think it’s a nice stop off during your tour…he should definitely serve donuts to his guests…or is that too obvious at this point?


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