Both Museum & Protest are FREE at de Young

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10 years ago, the new de Young Museum opened. Once a home with crumbling walls, a treat to art thieves, and in a relatively abandoned part of Golden Gate Park, the de Young is now having a 10th anniversary celebration. Offering complimentary tickets Saturday October 17th, to the new exhibit Jewel City.   The museum is also featuring music and art-making projects from within. Tickets are subject to availability as they are timed tickets.

If you decide to go, you may walk through a protest to get in. Curator Emma Acker is currently in the process of evicting an artist out of his home, which she and her husband now own.  Experimental Photographer David Brenkus has been living there and housing his studio of 34 years.  The photographer and cabinetmaker is a current victim of the Ellis Act’s loose laws in San Francisco. Ish Harshawat and Emma Acker purchased the building after the previous owners went bankrupt. Forced to become tenants inside their own previously owned property after their foreclosure, Acker and the Harshawat family eventually kicked the original owners out and are now focused on the rest of the buildings tenants.

Ironic that Acker promotes the Arts, yet wants to displace another, all while the museum celebrates and the new exhibit is called Jewel City. Bring your picket signs or get there early for your entry!

2015 marks the centennial of  San Francisco world’s fair that celebrated the opening of the Panama Canal with the work of tens of thousands of painters, sculptures and photographers:  Jewel City @ de Young Museum

And Remember Where Art Comes From

2015 also marks the evictions of thousands of San Francisco artists since venture capital and real estate speculation became the rule of law in SF.  Stand up to the serial evictions: Join San Francisco artists and the Anti-Eviction Mapping Project in protest

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Marilyn Jones - MarilynSF

Marilyn Jones - MarilynSF

Marilyn Jones is an independent curator and worked for Blackbird Bar for 2 years as their sole curator and at the former Triple Crown Night Club, now called Rebel. Graduated from SFSU in 2001 with BA in Art History, worked at Vorpal Gallery and Weinstein Gallery as an office monkey, and Franklin Bowles Art Gallery as an Art Consultant.