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Whose ready for some f@*king art?  I know we are!  San Francisco 40th annual Open Studios Weekend 2 will go off October 24 to 25 ALL over the city.  You can’t throw a rock in San Francisco this weekend without hitting an open art studio: Fort Mason Center for the Arts, Marina, Pacific Heights, Russian Hill, North Beach, Hayes Valley, NOPA, Western Addition, Haight, Buena Vista, Richmond, The Presidio, Sunset, West Portal, Oceanview.  Pick yourself up an Open Studios paper schedule with a map of all the artists locations, or find all the spots and artists for this weekend online.  The biggy this weekend where many many artists will be exhibiting is at Fort Mason Herbst Pavillion, 2 Marina Boulevard.


Steve Allen

An artist and philanthropist of the arts, Steve Allen is commonly recognized in San Francisco amongst the ceramic world, and mostly known for his SMAart Gallery in Russian Hill at 1045 Sutter St. His personal works are in collections owned by the de Young Museum, Ceramics Research Center, and the Lincoln Public Library. This year, Allen has shifted his own act of creating art, which is usually done by way of installation, functional pottery, paintings and sculpture, to focusing on others’ creativity. Not only does he display other’s art at his SMAart Gallery space for Open Studios, along with his own, SMAart gallery and studio also host ceramic classes for friends and family. The techniques taught in the ceramic classes range from wheel throwing, to mishima (inlay), to Raku texturing. More information can be found at

Come by and check out his work, gallery, and other featured artists this Saturday and Sunday, Oct. 24 &25, 11 a.m. – 6 p.m. I will also note, SMAart is a gallery included in the Lower Polk Art walk, which stretches from Polk and California to Leavenworth and Golden Gate, includes 18+ galleries, and happens every 1st Thursday (map can be seen at

Where: Russian Hill, 1045 Sutter St., San Francisco
When: Saturday and Sunday Oct.24th and 25th 11 a.m.- 6 p.m.

Roxanne Worthington

Roxanne Worthington once described her darkroom printing process as “falling down a rabbit hole” and after that she was hooked on photography. With the plurality of nostalgia and hope Roxanne incorporates out of focus downtown streetscapes with warm light and limited color and quietly observes the everyday, conjuring emotional dissonance reflecting stillness and isolation. Her work captures a dream – like state, and her newer pieces utilize a more explorative process with encaustic. Her journey represented may be found this weekend at:

Where: Marina, Fort Mason Herbst Pavillion, 2 Marina Boulevard, San Francisco
When: Saturday and Sunday Oct.24th and 25th 11 a.m.- 6 p.m.


Art Curator & Consultant Matt McKinley Recommendation at Fort Mason:

Ivan Bajinov

Photography Ivan Bajinov

Ealish Wilson

Design: Ealish Wilson

Romy Randev

Penumbra Interactive light instilation by Romy Randev


Phillippe Jestin

From the serie Du Pont, here is Pont Seize . 2015. resin cast on wood panel . 18”x 18”x 2”. relief of resin on wood panel

Philippe Jestin works a lot with resin and sculptural material. When I met with him, he told me that the craft heavily drives his work. He likes to experiment with landscapes, but he’s pretty open to new ideas and forms. A resident of San Francisco since 1995, Jestin has participated in SF Open Studios since 1998. He lives and works out of his Hayes Valley home.

This year, Jestin plans to show different bodies of work ranging from resins and paper to mobiles. He’s also planning a little something special—a preview party at his studio/home on Friday from 6-9om. He will then be showing his work over the weekend with SF Open Studios on Sat-Sun from 11am-6pm in Hayes Valley at the same location, 646 Laguna Street. He’s excited for this year’s opening, and since it’s the 40th anniversary he said he’s “even painted the kitchen!”

Where: 646 Laguna street San Francisco, CA 94102
When: Saturday and Sunday Oct.24th and 25th 11 a.m.- 6 p.m.


Paul Madonna

Paul Madonna has lived in San Francisco for half of his life. He studied Fine Arts at Carnegie Mellon and then moved to San Francisco in 94, where he now represents current issues and themes of the city. Madonna deems himself both an artist and a writer. “Those are the two fundamentals, I use in my work—imagery and text,” he said. But he also wants to make it clear that he is not ‘an illustrator.’ While he has a great respect for illustration, he feels that illustration tends to accompany a story and it illustrates the intent. “Contemporary American illustration is a redundancy,” he said, “which steals from the reader’s imagination. It doesn’t illuminate anything new about the storytelling and it prohibits our minds from being imaginative.” Madonna likes to creates a relationship between text and illustration that is more “independent and equally supportive.”This weekend’s showing will be at with his printer, 3 Fish Studios on 4541 Irving Street, October 24 & 25 
Madonna says he will be “cleaning out the drawers” to show some working prints and drawings that have been in his portfolio that people haven’t seen or had access to. “I call it a fall cleaning,” he said.

Paul Maddona: “The photo is me proofing a collaborative piece I did with Eric Rewitzer of 3 Fish Studios, who I’ll be sharing the Open Studio with this year (as well as his wife, the artist Annie Galvin).  And the drawing is from All Over Coffee Eviction Series.”

Where:  3 Fish Studios  4541 Irving Street  San Francisco, CA 94122
When: Saturday and Sunday Oct.24th and 25th 11 a.m.- 6 p.m.

Toy Truck Enthusiast and Fortune Teller Alex Mak Picks


John Nieto

Preview Photograph: John Nieto

A trio of amazing artist together, three rare birds with one stone: Dianne Hoffman, Diane Devine and John Nieto will be exhibiting in Hayes Valley

Where: Hayes Valley:  776 Hayes Street San Francisco, CA 94102
When: Saturday and Sunday Oct.24th and 25th

Art Writer Candace Cui Picks

Uma Rani Iyli

Q-tip Connection – Orange Gold, 2015
Yes, those are q-tips. No, that isn’t someone’s earwax whose health you should now be concerned about. The texture of this photo is incredible and leaves an indelible phantom tactility of those layers. It’s interesting to sense where each q-tip meets its twins in an arbitrary chaos that also pulls at a linked pattern. Also very worth seeing was her Winding and Unwinding gold thread piece, which had quite a lot of people ooh-ing and aah-ing.
Where: Marina, Fort Mason Herbst Pavillion, 2 Marina Boulevard, San Francisco
When: Saturday and Sunday Oct.24th and 25th 11 a.m.- 6 p.m.


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