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Donald Trump’s San Francisco Voter Guide 2015

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US Presidential candidate Donald Trump called us at Broke-Ass headquarters this morning and gave a very heartfelt apology for not endorsing Stuart Schuffman in today’s 2015 Mayoral race.  As Trump put it:trump phone

“I have to vote with my heart on this one, and I recommend reelecting Mayor Ed Lee, and his mustache”  – Donald Trump

Trump gave his reasons for his endorsement of the incumbent Mayor:  “When I looked into Ed Lee’s eyes, I saw some of myself, I thought; I can do a lot of business with this man.”  He went on to say: “My buddy, fellow Republican and venture capitalist Ron Conway has spent millions on keeping Lee in office, and that’s just good business.  That’s pro-Trump kind of thinking.”


Ed Lee listening intently to Venture Capitalist and Developer Ron Conway, arguably Lee’s biggest supporter

We asked Trump what his business interests in San Francisco were, Trump replied, “real estate of course, if you think BIG, this city is a goldmine, I’m making deals left and right, it’s a free for all down there.  That’s why I cannot support Proposition I, the Mission mora-something…the only thing we should have ‘mora’, is Trump condominiums in that part of the city.  In fact, once we defeat Prop I and continue to buy up all the land in the Mission and build luxury condominiums on it, I’m going to ask Ed Lee about building a wall around the Mission in order to keep the bad people out, you know the immigrants, the drug dealers at Telemundo, and all the other bad people from Mexico.”  

“We need  to make San Francisco a sanctuary city for real estate speculation and venture capital…yes that means mostly wealthy white residents, but who else is going to live in my luxury condos?  Vote Ed Lee for Mayor of San Francisco”

– Donald Trump

“I also endorse Julie Christensen for District 3, she’s a real shark that one, I’m going to see about getting her on The Apprentice when she’s done with San Francisco.”

Donald Trump+2016 Presidential Race+Thumbs Up+Anger+Nonverbal Communication Expert+Body Language Expert+Speaker+Keynote+Consultant+Las Vegas+Los Angeles+NYC+Orlando

Donald Trump’s 2015 San Francisco Ballot Positions:

Prop A:
SF Affordable Housing Bond
Position: Don’t do it, it’s housing for losers, how do you expect to make any money by building ‘affordable’ housing?
Trump Says:  VOTE NO

Prop F:
Regulation for Short-Term Residential Rentals
Position:  Are you kidding?  Regulate corporations?  Tell landlords to follow the law?  Forget it! Corporations like Airbnb are people too, and people shouldn’t have to pay taxes that support public institutions.
Trump Says:  VOTE NO

Prop I:
Ordinance Enacting Interim Zoning Controls on the Development of new housing within the Mission District
If you remember anything I tell you today it’s don’t vote for prop I, if you vote for Prop I, I won’t be able to build Trump tower in the Mission or put up my wall to protect my tenants from the immigrants
Trump Says:  Definitely VOTE NO on Prop I


Now, if you would like a voter guide from a true progressive who loves San Francisco and has its best interests at heart check out Broke-Ass Stuart’s Voting Guide 2015 Bellow

Quick Guide

Mayor: Stuart Schuffman, Amy Weiss, Francisco Herrera (you get three votes!)

District 3 Supervisor (Chinatown/North Beach/Polk Street): Aaron Peskin

City College Board: Tom Temprano
Prop A: Yes
Prop B: Yes
Prop C: Yes
Prop D: Yes
Prop E: No
Prop G: No
Prop H: Yes
Prop J: Yes
Prop K: Yes

For longer explanations on props and endorsements checkout the full 2015 voters guide here.

Oh and we almost forgot, all quotes attributed to Donald Trump in this article were made up to make you laugh and get you out to vote.   So GO VOTE! We don’t care if you vote for Stuart, or if you vote for what we endorse, we just care that you vote.  We want SF citizens to involve themselves in the future planning of our city, because if you do not pay attention or care enough, someone else surely will, and we may not like the results.

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