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The Incredible Oakland Brewery Scene

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Craft brewing in Oakland dates back to the 1850s when the first brewery, Linden Street, was opened and is an incredibly interesting story. But, I’m not going to tell it to you right now, go educate yourself some other time, this article is about where to get some incredible beer now.

If there was one word that could sum up the brewing scene in Oakland it would be passion. Undulating, enveloping, almost intimidating at times, passion. In short, the hunt for great Oakland breweries doesn’t disappoint.

Full disclaimer: most of the places on this list will make you feel like you’re the idiot at the beginning of a horror movie going to check out that “strange noise” next to the abandon train tracks. A few of these breweries ARE on the train tracks, in warehouses, in abandon ship yards, and are down roads that dead end surrounded by nothing. Rest assured thirsty reader, that noise is just a keg being tapped and wondrous beers lay in your future.  Further disclaimer: I take no responsibility if your body does end up on the tracks, that’s your prerogative.

Has there ever been a sweeter question posed than “Want to go check out a local brewery?” The answer is no, stop wasting your brain power pondering impractical quandaries and instead take in a few choice selections of breweries from Oakland and Alameda.

Linden Street Brewery

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Some seriously drinkable beer can be found here. And! A feat I thought unreachable, they make an IPA I actually loved.

(pause for gasp and shouting from the audience) WHAT?!? YOU DON’T LIKE THE HOLY OF HOLY BEERS: IPA?? How can you write, nay dare speak beer’s name?

Save it. I get it. This is why I had a beer lover with me that does like IPAs to also give me feedback to share with the world; so calm the fuck down.

As I was saying, Hop Candi is delicious. I don’t think there was a beer I tasted here I didn’t like. The vibe is unpretentious and almost charming.

An enduring spot reminiscent of drinking in THAT buddy’s back yard from high school. It is located smack dab next to tracks. You may feel like sneaking booze and drinking on the tracks, but this is part of hidden corners of beer-topia that are in this area of Oakland.

Unfortunately,  you can’t find this beer at the store. The tasting room offers the self-distribute, bottle on premise and take away growler option. If you’d like to find their beer, there are at a lot of local tap rooms or Bar Tartine that pours them.

Hog’s Apothecary


The food here is AM-azing. I cannot stress that enough!

The vibe is just so cool here you get the pleasure of being infected by it just by walking in. Community table sitting that is somehow able to capture community if you choose it or Oakland individuality within inclusivity; unless you’re able to snag a seat at the bar.

The beer selection is dizzying. The staff here though are on point and are more than happy to talk you through your indecision.

Did I mention the food? Try it!

375 40th St, Oakland, CA 94609


Oakland Brewery Company (Independent Brewing Company)


Getting to this tap room is quite the adventure, if you feel completely lost, you’re on the right path. Walking into this warehouse is a visual overload. Have a kid? No problem. Have a dog? Perfect. Come as you are-just love some good beer.

Non-descript tops await and an ever changing black board with beer options await you at the bar. The people working here have a serious passion for the craft. They have opinions about the current scene and want to share with you.

According to my IPA drinking companion, their Sticky Zipper IPA is what you need to drink. This place feels like what you wished your home brewing kit would have produced; the genius results you must try.

Surrounding areas of Oakland: (but still bitchin finds in the east bay)

444 Harrison St, Oakland, CA 94607


Faction Brewing-Alameda


This place made me wish I had a bigger stomach to be able to try all the beers they brews. If you’re an IPA fan, this is a spot you need to go check out. Their Belgium-style brews are also delicious and they offer five different ones to choose from at their tasting room.

This place also had one of the best views out of any of the breweries on this list. The tasting room is located directly on the bay shore in Alameda. More impressive yet was the huge murals inside done by local artist Lauren Asta. She another one of her paintings in the bathrooms at St. George Distillery across the parking lot.

2501 Monarch St, Alameda, CA 94501

20151101_155828  20151101_155842

Drake’s-San Leandro

 20151024_160609 (2)20151024_162127

There are two locations now you can go to enjoy some delicious Drake’s beer. Their bottle room in San Leandro where they have parties and live music or downtown Oakland where you can hang out on their awesome outdoor patio and munch on some serious beer food. Duck poutine. That’s all I’m saying.

If you are able to get your hands on some Jolly Roger coffee imperial porter, get on it. Very smooth and a sneaker drunk.

1933 Davis St #177, San Leandro, CA 94577


St. George Distillery-Alameda

20151101_165927 (2)

Gin!!! Beautiful amazing, yummy gin is made here. Also some seriously delicious liquors. I plan to bathe in the raspberry and spiced apple pear liquor shortly.

I know this is an article sharing some of the wondrous breweries in the east bay, but this place is just too good not to mention. If you have an hour and half, TAKE THE TOUR. It’s only $5 more than the tasting alone and so worth it. You get to take a peak at their steam punk style distillery, meet a shark, and learn some interesting facts about Absinthe. If you’re lucky you’ll get Sam as your tour guide, who is not only wildly entertaining and funny, but has some seriously super human hearing. She will hear your whispers during the tour!

The tasting is guided and not patronizing for those who haven’t done a liquor tasting. Bring a snack to soak up the alcohol, or leave time for a walk around the gorgeous cost line after.

2601 Monarch St, Alameda, CA 94501


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Born and raised in the bay. I'm just a tumbling weed, or something along those cliched lines. Good times adventurist. Always on the hunt for the weird and unusual, while I myself AM weird and unusual. (10 points if you get that). Currently calling home Oakland. Lovin all the art, culture, drinking and the food.


  1. Haz_Been
    November 10, 2015 at 1:15 pm

    Sweet! Escape SF soulless foodie scene to turn Oakland into the same. Well done Stu and company! Looks like Stu is back to his money-making, gentrification pub-crawl business now that the mayoral thing didn’t work out.

    • Landstander
      November 10, 2015 at 4:17 pm

      Oh I guess people should stopping making good beer because of your conservative cultural ideologies. I’ll send out a fucking memo.

    • Crystal Vielula
      Alex Mak
      January 19, 2016 at 8:30 am

      Nobody made any money off this article you douchebag. This about finding dope local beers and giving props to locally owned businesses in the process.

  2. Joseph Alán
    November 11, 2015 at 12:45 pm

    Love this list, Sarah! Have you found Ale Industries, yet?

    We would love an opportunity to have you come out and take a tour of our facilities located right outside the Fruitvale Bart Station. We are excited to operate a carbon neutral brewing site that takes advantage of one-of-a-kind manufacturing processes such as our BioEnergy Boiler. We stand firmly behind our commitment to quality, sustainability, and collaboration with local Oakland businesses.

    Please send an email to to schedule a private tour and tasting! Loving the Oakland support and hope you come across us in your travels. Cheers!

    • sarahk
      November 12, 2015 at 1:08 pm

      Thanks for reaching out! This place does keep popping up on my radar. I need to come by asap to check out Ale Industries and I love a good tour…and beer. 🙂