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Fantastic Thanksgiving Fails

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Are you on a long road trip?  Just getting to your childhood home?  Staying on some kind of pullout bed next to your weird uncle?  The Wednesday before Thanksgiving is the busiest travel day of the year, so whether you’re stuck at an airport or simply dreading spending time with strange relatives, here are some Thanksgiving dinners that may make you feel better about your tomorrow.

Predator Turkey


This couple in Lubbock Texas get creative on turkey day.  Some might call this thing a godless mistake, I personally think it’s a miracle.  Said to be inspired by H.P. Lovecraft’s Cthulhu, ‘The Cthurkey‘ is a turkey stuffed with octopus, dressed in bacon, and fused with crab legs.  It resembles something from the movie Aliens and probably taste like it too.

Turkey Fry #Fails

Here is nearly two minutes of people blowing up turkeys in homemade deep friers, you are welcome.

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Thanksgiving Club Jam

“O-o-o it’s Thanksgiiiiving, we’re, we’re we’re, going to have a good time”.  Ho-ho-holy shit this had to have ruined that poor girl’s life.  This is the most amazing Thanksgiving ‘club jam’ you will ever have the pleasure of laughing at.  16 million views later…and undaunted by Youtube commentary Nicole Westbrook came back the next year with this gem.  Rebecca Black eat your heartout.

Vegetarian Fail


It doesn’t matter what your dietary restrictions are, tofurky cannot be the answer.  You must do better


Thanksgiving Reporter Fails

Saturday Night Live Thanksgiving

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