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49er Fans Fly Sky Banner Asking Team Owner Jed York to Leave

Updated: Dec 09, 2015 11:40
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We’re calling it the most polite ‘smack talk’ in sports ball history.  49ers fans (Graham Grealish, Mark Scannell, Conor McGuire) to name a few, started a campaign to call out 49ers owner Jed York for doing a terrible job as owner and CEO of the San Francisco 49ers.  Their crowd funded banner flew over Levi’s Stadium before Sundays game vs the Arizona Cardinals.

 The sky banner reads: “Jed & The 49ers Should Mutually Part Ways.” and allegedly cosk about $1k.

The banner is a reference to the press release last year 49ers, Jim Harbaugh Mutually Agree to Part Ways.”  York and Baalke essentially forced out Jim Haurbaugh despite 3 winnings seasons and a trip to the Super Bowl.  Harbaugh was easily the 49er’s winningest coach since George Seifert.  After management finished a campaign to defame the coach and force him out, the team imploded and the memes began.

Jed York, is a 30-something owner who inherited the team from his daddy, and has since moved the San Francisco 49ers to Santa Clara (next to where he lives), replaced it’s winningest coach in 2 decades with a former doormat salesman, benched its star quarterback, and inspired most of it’s All-pro players to simply quit or retire.  Long time 49ers fans are not pleased, their team has gone from an NFC power player to arguably the worst team in the NFL, their new stadium is expensive and unpopular, and now the fans would rather pay for billboards to make fun of the owner than pay for tickets to watch their team lose.


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