The 10 Sexiest Star Wars Characters of All Time

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10. Admiral Ackbar

Authority figure, chin tentacles, always smells like fish…yummie


9. Bib Fortuna

When he looks at you with those beady little eyes, you just want him to wrap his head penis around you


8. Sebulba

Do you like ‘bad boys’?  Sebulba is also a sexual icon in the Outer Rim among racing fans and blue people.


7. Salracc

The dirtiest little hole in all of Tatooine, and just a quick hover from Jabba’s Palace


6.  Wickett

Prized in the both the Furry and the Bear communities, this hot little Ewok simply eats and breaths sex

5. Tion Medon

Tall, wealthy, AND a flashy dresser.


4. Watto

Handy man, light on his feet, loves children.


3.  Dianoga

She might live in a trash compactor but…you will get lost in her eye.


2.  Jar Jar Binks

If you’re desperate for a booty call Jar Jar is always down.  He’s been consistently rated the best ‘bottom’ on Naboo

1. Jabba The Hut

Rich, powerful, and lives in his own palace!  Don’t over think it, everyone wants Jabba, he’s into kinky shit, humanoids, and he’s always wet and ready to go.

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