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Oh Great! ‘Hoverboards’ Are Going to be Made Legal on CA Streets

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hover board dork

Sorry Brah, but your ‘hoverboard’ is the fucking worst.  Your mother thought it was ‘pretty neat’, but that girl in your office who you have a crush on,  uses your hoverboard as a punchline in the ladies room.  ‘Hoverboards’, don’t actually hover, they are the Segways for guys who…like Segways.  They are what you turn to when you’ve grown out of your roller shoes.

roller shoes

The founder of Segway Jimi Heselden famously died when he rode one of his Segways off a cliff…news flash, that’s what people are thinking about while you’re hovering next to them on the sidewalk.  They are not thinking about Back to the Future II or your ‘amazing’ core balance, they are thinking, ‘ How does he sleep at night?’

Best Hoverboard Fail Videos…it is hilarious

As of Jan. 1 in California hoverboards can be legally ridden on streets, bike lanes and bike paths, thanks to legislation written by Assembly woman Kristin Olsen, R-Modesto, and signed into law by Gov. Jerry Brown.   Yay.

One of the hottest commodities this Christmas is now facing a serious decline in sales due to safety concerns by big retailers like Amazon, as well as airport security bans due to their potentially combustible battery packs.

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