Obama Sips Coffee with Jerry Seinfeld

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In case you havn’t heard, Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee is Jerry Seinfeld’s web show.  And if you’re a comedy fan in any sense of the word, it’s fantastic.  Jerry picks up the funniest people in American in a different car every episode, and takes them on a coffee date, simple.

He picks up Chris Rock, drives around Stephen Colbert, sips fair trade coffee with Fred Armisen, and rides on Louis CK’s boat.  If you’ve sold-out Madison Square Garden or hosted a network late show, you’ve got a decent chance of hanging out with Seinfeld on @cicgcshow.

On last night’s episode he’s chatting with President Barack Obama in the Oval Office and around Washington DC.  They just chat, like a couple guys, Seinfeld asks the President about his underwear, they gossip about Larry David, and discuss the effects of power and influence.  Two master communicators, sizing each other up, over coffee.

Episodes are 15-20 minutes, there are a couple brief and unobtrusive car commercials from Jerry’s single show sponsor Acura.  Watching this series is painless, and of course very funny. New Season began last night.

President Barack Obama on Comedians With Cars Getting Coffee here

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