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Dub Mission Moves To Friday, Starting Tonight With Jahdan Blakkamoore

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Your favorite Sunday night reggae club is now your favorite every-second-Friday reggae club. Dub Mission officially moves to second Fridays with tonight’s show featuring INTA!-national reggae superstar Jahdan Blakkamoore plus your resident Dub Mission faves DJ Sep and Vinnie Esparza at the Elbo Room. The legendary dancehall dub club night has been on Sunday nights for 19 years and more than 1,000 shows, but effective tonight brings its special mix of reggae roots, rub-a-dub stylings and cheap Red Stripes to the second Friday of each month in the Elbo Room upstairs dance floor area.

“The beginning of a new year seemed like a good time to explore some new territory,” Dub Mission founder DJ Sep told “Doing a monthly party gives us an opportunity to do more special shows and bring more of the live/sound system element into our mix.”


Image: Amir Ebrahimi

These special shows and live/sound system elements kick off tonight with Jahdan Blakkamoore, whose new album Order of Distinction — a brilliant concoction of reggae, dubstep, hip-hop and doo-wop — is in the running for Album of the Year at Reggaeville. (You can vote for it here, it’s listed under March.)

“I’ve been blessed to be surrounded by some of the greatest reggae musicians in the world,” Blakkamoore told “We want to put the kind of music out that we actually want to hear. To best convey the messages within our words and sound, we have to try and capture a vast audience so we are listeners and connoisseurs of music who also listen to a vast variety of music. So we feel it’s only right that we make something that the world can ingest and digest ahh, we don’t wanna die ingest and feel the music on different levels. Maybe you like dubstep, maybe you like a little hip hop, maybe you like dancehall. Some people of course want reggae roots, one drop, you know, we want to be able to hit all of those audiences. So we spend extra time and take special effort to make sure we do that.”

“I’ve been blessed to be surrounded by some of the greatest reggae musicians in the world,” Blakkamoore said. “Zion I Kings, Lustre Kings, I Grade Productions is who I work with, Noble Sound Productions.”

Tonight Blakkamoore will be backed up by hip-hop and reggae DJ Relic Secure. “That’s my loops,” Blakkamoore said. “The Bay Area, you know, Oakland, San Fran, Sebastopol, Santa Rosa area DJ soundsystem. Relic Secure has been doing this thing for quite some time here and I’m blessed to know him. We also produce music together, so I work a lot with Relic. We’ve touched road together too, we did a tour last year together, we went over to Denver, Colorado, the Cannabis Cup event that they have out there. That’s my DJ.”


You heard the news back in April that the Elbo Room was closing. But the club has since elbowed its way into a new two-year lease, and will remain the Elbo Room at its current location until at least 2018. And Dub Mission will remain at the Elbo Room for the foreseeable future.

But Dub Mission is now a Friday thing, on the second Friday of every month with bigger acts and bigger soundsystems starting tonight with Jahdan Blakkamoore and Relic Secure. “Come set off the year nice with us,” Blakkamoore said. “We push this music straight from the heart. We’re gonna do some great, great things [Friday] night. Come celebrate 2016 with us. I hope to see your face in the place.”

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