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Children’s After School Arts, featured in This American Life, on Display @ SOMArts

Updated: Feb 06, 2016 16:54
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CASA's Buried Treasure

This town was once coined as the “cool, grey city of love” and yet, every day one wakes up to yet another action that would contradict that sentiment: a young man blown away by trigger happy police, waterlogged shanty towns under the freeway, a capricious mayor threatening to slash city programs as he leaves the bill for the upcoming Super Bowl nightmare at our collective table.

Still love, like life, finds a way, and whereas some are content with affirmations and platitudes extolling “love” for a San Francisco seemingly past, others find that action is the most productive way to foster love and a city deserving of such a name. As we’ve written here before, CASA (Children After School Arts) falls into that latter group.

If you are a regular listener to This American Life, you probably found yourself unexpectedly sniffling in the middle of their propaganda episode a few weeks back, as a local father described his experience watching his daughter perform in a school pageant about a city he saw evaporating before his eyes produced by people who feel that if you truly love something (our city) and someone (the kids they teach) you cannot possibly lie to them and instead give them the tools to spread that love.

Saturday, CASA presents Buried Treasure at SOMArts, where these bright young champions will present their takes on the concept of treasure both inside and out in painting, sculpture, performance and more. If you’d like to really see what it’s like to leave your heart in San Francisco, chequelo.

CASA presents Buried Treasure
Saturday, January 9, 2015 @ 6:00 p.m.
934 Brannan Street (@ 8th Street)
[South of Market/ Showplace Square]
$10 adults; $5 kids (NOTAFLOF)

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Stephen Torres - Threadbare-Fact Finder (Editor, San Francisco)

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