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This Article Will Change the Way You Buy Glasses Forever

Updated: Jan 14, 2016 09:59
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New Year, new look.  This post is brought to you by 50% off + free shipping on your first pair of frames with coupon code WELCOME50.


6 Reasons You’ll Get Your Glasses Online From Now On

Nobody buys glasses at the optometrist anymore.  You can get a lot more online for the same money.  Here are the reasons why.

1. Selection

They have everything online.  At a brick and mortar store they’re limited by space and by which vendors they work with.  Online, you have a zillion styles and colors and you can choose from, and the quality is virtually the same, you’re just skipping the middle man.  You can even search through the selection by frame shape, material, designer brand, size, price, even measurement.


2. The Virtual Try-on Feature

Wondering what the frames will look like with your face shape?  You Can upload a photo of you and “try on” every pair on the site.  You can also order several pairs and try them in person, the online return policy is awesome.  Just see reason 3.

Stuart Try it 1 Large

3. Great Return Policy

Oh you didn’t like the 3rd, 4th and 8th pair you ordered?  Just send them back.  Most online sites have a 100% hassle free return policy.  If you tried that at your optometrist’s office they will more than likely laugh in your face.

i see art

These glasses say: “you don’t know me, but I look at art, like all the time”

4. No Sticker Shock

Why are the prices in stores so hard to find?  Because if you see the price up front, you might make a rational decision instead of falling for something that is way out of your budget.  There’s no sticker shock online.  Everything is clearly labeled, what you see is what you pay.


5. No F@*#ing Hassle

Yeah, no sales people.  Online you don’t have to be worried that you’re wasting the sales person’s time by browsing 100 different styles, there’s no line of customers behind you tapping their watches, there are no external pressures to buy, you can take all the time you need.

coder 2

When Ben puts these on he likes to be called  ‘The Problem Solver’.  He says things like, “is your code messed up?  Let me hack bro.”

6. This store has 60 frames for under $60

New Year, New Look.  Instead of spending $200-$800 on one pair from your optometrist’s office, spend whatever amount you want on however many frames you want. Frames start as low as $38 at On top of trimming the high retail prices, we want to give you a coupon for an EXTRA 50% off your first frame!

Use Coupon WELCOME50 to claim your offer of 50% Off on your first pair of frames.  BROWSE GLASSES NOW

*Marked down and premium tagged frames excluded

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1 Comment

  1. blangton
    March 9, 2016 at 10:32 am

    On your recommendation, i ordered some glasses from them and have been thoroughly disappointed. The ordering process was not very smooth, because the website had mismatched parameters for my prescription input and the people could not manage to spell my name correctly (even after 3 times). Additionally, there was a significant language issue (3 of the 4 people I have spoken with did not speak English well enough to take my order). I received my glasses fast enough, but I cannot wear them. I only need glasses to read, so I ordered progressive lenses. When looking through the glasses top half is warped, when I turn my head I get dizzy even with the bottom half blocked. The bottom half (for reading) have a very small area that seems to have my needed adjustment, but the vast majority of the bottom area is just a blur. The pricing is convoluted and they try and avoid telling you the final price, despite my asking repeatedly. The return process is the most frustrating of all. Once again there website will not cooperate (return label link does not work) and after 15 emails over 3 days, they keep sending me a link to this non-working download. They do not even read my emails explaining that their website does not work as they continue to send me to the same broken link.