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10 Things Alan Rickman Taught Us

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I ask the universe, can we go a few days without losing another amazing performer?! We mourn the loss of a brilliant actor and all around awesome human being. Alan Rickman’s performances were so deep and varied that you’d have a hard time running into someone who doesn’t have at least one favorite. From Love Actually to Galaxy Quest…and never forget how we were properly introduced to him via Die Hard. And for all Potterheads (like me) we’ll miss our dear Professor Snape who found redemption in the end. But at least we will always have page 394.


Dogma – 1999

1) When there don’t seem to be any solutions…listen to the voice of God.

Galaxy Quest – 1999

2) If Grabthar’s Hammer can’t avenge you surely a hearty eye roll can. 

Love Actually – 2003

3) Take his straightforward dating advice and live happily ever after. 

Die Hard – 1988

4) He showed us once you make a plan it’s important to stick to it, even on Christmas Eve.

Harry Potter and the Order Of The Phoenix – 2007

5) When facing adversity (or sorcery) keep yourself in check. 

Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves – 1991

6) Ingenuity is a key element in revenge and bloodlust even for a sheriff. 

Bottle Shock – 2008

7) Always be proud to yourself…unless you can be British. Then be British.

The Barchester Chronicles – 1982

8) Investigating corruption leads to epic side-eye.

The Search for John Gissing – 2001

9) It’s ok to have fun when taking down a rival but do it in spectacular fashion.

10) If Alan Rickman says feminism is cool that’s the definitive answer on the subject.

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  1. DennisMM
    January 21, 2016 at 5:04 pm

    No “Truly, Madly, Deeply”? For shame! Learn about love after death and the joys of watching videos together, late at night.