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San Francisco Furries Now Targets for Robbery

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A collection of Bay Area Furries. image from DogPatch Press

This is obviously the kind of news people rely on for.

This morning I received an email from Smashwolf, a local Bay Area Furry, saying that he and his friends are being targeted for robberies. when asked Smashwolf defined Furries as, “Fans of ‘anthropomorphic’ animals (animals with human traits like in a cartoon). Some of them take on an alternate identity and dress in costumes of that identity. These costumes are custom made, very individual, and very personal”

Of course this makes a robbery both a personal loss and a financial one. Here is the email:

I’m a furry. There are a lot of us in the bay area. A couple times a month hundreds of us gather in SoMa night clubs to go to dance parties, often in our costumes.

We are now targets. Actually our costumes are. Thieves steal them, breaking into cars. They are indeed worth a LOT of money. However , they are not an off-the-rack item They are each custom made for each person. They are so niche that selling them would only bring real money if other furries buy them. And then the stolen ones would be notice.

The thievery from autos in SF has gotten out of hand when furry animal costumes are a target, and a wallet is left behind.

It’s time SFPD actually take charge of this and actually investigate these cases. When a costume that is a unique piece of art is stolen from the locked trunk of a locked car, something needs to be done. The car break-in are just getting too out of hand.

The most recent robbery is of a purple and blue giraffe character named “Zarafa”.


Zarafa looking quite mischievous

Smash asks that “if anyone sees it at a pawn shop, flea market, thrift store, or in a ditch, they will know it needs to find its way home.” If you see it, you can get ahold of Zarafa’s owner by emailing His owner is heartbroken so please keep your eyes peeled.


Help Zarafa find his way home

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