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Valentine’s Day Date Giveaway: Have a bottle of bubbly and a show on us @ The Chapel!

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This is the first Booze and Show giveaway of this kind for us at Broke-Ass Stuart. We aren’t celebrating or promoting the traditional Valentine’s Day date (who the hell wants to sit in silence for two hours at a movie?). Instead, we’re giving you the tools that will theoretically lube you up in hopes that you will get hammered and humped on Single’s Awareness Day. Enter this giveaway and you will start at The Vestry, where you will be showered with a bottle of free golden bubbly (of their choice) and a small plate of nosh. Then you’ll head over to The Chapel (it’s the same building) where you will redeem your two free tickets to the Sophie B. Hawkins show and hear her sing her 1990s hit single, ‘Damn I wish I was your lover,’ the original video was banned from 1992’s MTV.

In 1998, Hawkins’s record company at the time, Sony Music, delayed the release of her third album. Its executives were unhappy with the finished product and wanted Hawkins to rework some of the material. In particular, they insisted that Hawkins remove a banjo track from one of the songs. Hawkins refused to accommodate them, citing artistic integrity as her main reason. After a lengthy battle between Hawkins and the company, the album, Timbre, was eventually released in 1999, though Sony declined to promote it. Hawkins subsequently left the label and founded her own label, Trumpet Swan Productions. In 2001, Timbre was re-released on Hawkins’s label, now as a two-disc set that contained new songs, demos, remixes, and videos. Her first independently recorded and released album, Wilderness, was released in 2004.

In April of 2013, Sophie appeared on the TV series Community as herself, performing “Damn I Wish I Was Your Lover.”

Sunday, Feb 14, 2016 @ 9PM | The Chapel | Tickets can be purchased here

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