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10 days actually.  10 magical days of west coast IPA’s, Bavarian sausages, and of course…lots and lots of bearded men who love fermentable sugars.  That’s right, San Francisco Beer Week just ended and now that I am about 10 lbs heavier and more than a few brain cells lighter, it’s time to celebrate some of the finest brewers both foreign and domestic.  We did our best to go to all the best events, and for the ones we missed we got pics to prove they happened.  Here were just some of the tastiest parties.


Speakeasy & San Franpschyo


For opening night San Franpsycho did a few amazing things.  First they got Speakeasy Ales and Lagers to serve IPA in their store, 2nd they ordered pizza for everyone, and 3rd, they screen printed t-shirts for free.  All SF, all FREE, got to love it.





Woods Brewery & Honey Bees


Woodsbeer did a ‘Shaman Series’ using honey. 3 beers inspired by the bees from New Mexico Honey Hawaiian Honey & Local Honey.  I had the local and I’m pretty sure it cured my limp.  Also the ‘Porteno’ empanadas they serve there are fucking delicious.


Black Hammer & Beer Pong


photo: black hammer brewing

Black Hammer Brewing had a ‘Beerfest’ inspired ping pong tournament, that we missed due to beer related dehydration.  It must have been nice to flash back to college days, only during SFBW you don’t have to play Beirut with Coors Light.


Black Sand and Smash

black sands


The Black Sands Brewery, a new Lower Haight brew pub that has nice eats and a homebrew supply store to boot.  They even teach group classes on how to brew.  Smash Tuesday was all about Single Malt and Single Hop.


Almanac & Zeitgeist


Zeitgeists has a no photography policy


this photo was illegally taken by some douche who couldn’t help themself

This is my favorite place to drink during beer week, there are a ton of taps and they always come correct.  There’s no window trimming just breweries that know to bring their heavy hitters every day of beer week.  Due to heavy drinking and Zeitgeist’s no photography policy we have limited photographic evidence, but we promise it was great.







Fort Point Beer & the actual Fort Point…Fort

fort 3

photo: Jenn Coyl

Ya, Fort Point was pulling off dope outdoor events all week, from art walks in the Presidio, morning swims in the bay, outdoor movies in Hayes Valley, and of course a beer pairing dinner in a civil war era fort.  We took a tour with park rangers, drank Fort Point KSA (kolsch), their wheat, & my favorite Rye pale ale,  while Hook Fish Co served up ceviche.  If you haven’t checked out Fort Point, it’s pretty great, check out Friends of Golden Gate for events and schedules (

bride 2fort 2

Lagunitas & Lucky 13

lucky 13

2 great ingredients for day drinking, Lagunitas and a punk bar.



Hops for Housing & Danzhaus Dance Center


photo: sfbw

3rd Annual Hops for Housing AM-PRO at Danzehaus.  20 some local brewers from the fresh faced Black Sands to San Francisco classics like Anchor Steam, all serving up collaborations with home brewers to raise money for SF Tenants Union, which is a wonderful service that helps protect San Franciscans and keep them in their homes.

111 Minna & Pancakes & Booze

pancakes 4

Photo compliments of

Not an official beer week event, but it was awesome. Pancakes & Booze goes around the country throwing art gallery parties fueled by local artists & of course pancakes.  The weekend they held at 111 Mina was full of art, booze, and live body painting, and the next one probably will be too.  Photobooth Snapyourself was also at the SFBW Party at SoMa StrEat Food Truck Park, see their pictures here.

Thirsty Bear & Cowgirl Creamery…Hmmm


Cowgirl cheese is F**ing delicious.  Props to Thirsty Bear Brewing Company for hosting great food & beer pairing events all week.


Rosamunde & Russian River


photo: Larry Wong

It’s not quite sfbw without a sausage from Rosemunde and some kind of rumor about Pliny The Younger.  Finish with the classic sausage and IPA.  Cheers San Francisco.

Tuesday Feb 2nd

Anchor Steam & Broke-Ass Stuart


Art by Diego Gomez

For all you brewers, bartenders, servers & organizers who worked so hard during SF Beer week.  Come to Rickshaw Stop Tuesday night and have a beer on us.  Free Anchor Steam for the first hour, dope music, prizes, and the people who make sf nightlife run.

FB Event Page

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