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Super Bowl 50 Sign Found on Craigslist

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San Francisco Super Bowl 50 sign is now listed Craigslist for $5000, it was last seen in the hands of government officials near Alamo Square.

The sign may have been stolen off a flatbed truck after it’s forced removal from the park.

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Apparently the sign never made it to Mayor Ed Lee’s backyard, it may have ended up on Craigslist in San Francisco instead:

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craigslist sb50 ad

The CL Posting Reads:

“Super Bowl 50 celebratory sign. Only a dozen made and very few exist intact. Some minor scratches near bottom, and “SuperBowl50” lettering has been temporarily re-arranged to say: “Spurm Owl 05”. But you can rearrange the letters to say whatever you want them to after you come down to my garage. I will donate a small portion of the proceeds to help pay for the $5 million cost to San Francisco for hosting the Super Bowl.

You can pay $5000 or choose to answer a series of riddles followed by an erotic themed scavenger hunt in my apartment. I am a BiWM looking for a SJPM or BBW for casual play in RL, No Strings attached

*Cash Only
*No Solar Panel
You should probably bring a flatbed truck, I nearly tweeked my back getting this f**ker into my toyota rav4.  Unless of course you want to put on some leopard print and jump down my rabbit hole of fantasy.”

 The listing is clearly a joke…or is it?

Commemorative Super Bowl 50 signs placed around San Francisco have been vandalized repeatedly this week.  Many SF residents are reportedly unhappy with the large, expensive, yet poorly manufactured statues placed in iconic SF locations like Alamo Square.  Some see them as symbols of the nearly 5 million dollar price tag attached to hosting the Super Bowl with no deal to reimburse the city.  And an ugly policy concerning the removal of SF’s homeless population from public view.

Original Craigslist Ad here:

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