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We’ve got your tickets to Barcelona @ Slim’s!

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Close your eyes and imagine your second kiss. Forget the first one, that nervous smooch fueled by hormones and peer pressure, and fast forward to the one where you get it right. Maybe it was an intense make-out to slow jams on the Homecoming dance floor, or in the backseat of the Honda you borrowed from your mom. But in the glow of the headlights or neon nights, if you listened closely, you’d hear Barcelona. The Seattle-based trio Barcelona makes soulfully sultry rock seeped in synth wash and falsetto that could score the soundtrack to late night necking seshs and uncouth after-hours adventures. Perhaps Barcelona is the soundscape to white blazers and mirrored tables, the sleek sound of questionable decisions that you won’t regret later.

Barcelona  plays Absolutes in its entirety at this great show at Slim’s.


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