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Burlesque Brunch Serves Legs and Eggs at Their Finest

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Dazey LaRue (Image: Jody Lyon)

There is no better way to waste your Sunday early than with bottomless mimosas, and there is no better way to enjoy those than with topless burlesque honeys. That’s what gets served up weekly at Burlesque Brunch, a new recurring Sunday morning burlesque event at PianoFight brought to you by the beauties behind Red Hots Burlesque (NOTE: The dancers are not technically topless, they wear pasties of sequins and tassel finery. It just said ‘topless’ as more of a play on words).

Eva Rose (Image: Jody Lyon)

“Red Hots Burlesque is that dish you’re able to sink your teeth into,” says Red Hots Burlesque founder Dottie Lux. “We will always be more than a pageant. We are culture creators. And this space will allow us to soar!” 

Bo Vixxen (Image: Jody Lyon)

This Sunday’s Burlesque Brunch show is hosted by drag legend and Rupaul’s Drag Race alum Honey Mahogany, and will feature performances from Ms. Lux herself and Los Angeles’ Caramel Knowledge, plus Clara Bodacious, the beef-cakey Damien Alvarez and the esteemed Liza Punani.

PianoFight Benedict (Image: Jody Lyon)

We’d be remiss to not include any food porn among these cheesecake pictures, like this dish called PianoFight Benedict that will have you Instagramming your food whilst creaming your undergarments. Burlesque star Hunny Bunny calls it “a rustic, flavorful Eggs Benedict, potatoes crisped to perfection. The Apple French Toast is pillowy and topped with an orgiastic mix of apple and bourbon flavors bringing the best of a Sunday breakfast to a grown up good time on the town.”

Image: Jody Lyon

Burlesque Brunch is every Sunday from 11 a.m.-2 p.m. at PianoFight, and heck yes you better believe there’s going to be a red-hot Red Hots Burlesque Brunch Valentine’s Day show next weekend.

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Joe Kukura- Millionaire in Training

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