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Is Getting a Booty Injection Going Too Far?

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“Oh My Gosh Nay Nay, Look at Suzies butt! It’s so freakin BIG!”….

Far gone are the days of big butts being the blessed curse of genetics. I mean it’s only fair that the option to be ‘Bootylicious’, should be no further than a needle full of Voluptuous silicone-based bliss, right? But is getting a booty injection going to far?

We have definitely come full circle where having a big ‘rump’ was the ultimate in distaste on a woman’s body, to being her most treasured asset.

“Does my butt look big in these pants? — “Yeah it does!”– “Righteous, lets go.” The new dressing room conversation these days.

J-Lo & Iggy Azalea

Of course there have always been preference on both sides of the coin; ‘To Have or Not To Have Ass’, but now that its culturally acceptable, watch out Stretch Jeans and anything with Spandex.

I have the pleasure of remembering the days where a size 9/10 pant for a woman was thick, and often too much woman for most. Now, thanks to the Kardashians, Minaj and J-Lo booty movement (no pun intended….well maybe a little jiggle) naturally acquired or not, the curvier/bigger, the better.

Is this the new ‘Complex’ for women? To enhance their assets-literally? Will this be another passing trend, or one of many steps toward changing the status quo on what a ‘Hot Body’ is?

Trend, fad, or just another cult to follow into our history books of crazy Americanisms, with anything that becomes trendy, we have those who push the ‘jean pockets’ too far into excess. Junk in the trunk can be a tangible, enjoyable thing for some or visual entertainment for others, but there has to be a limit–does the BUTT stop somewhere? When you’re looking at a 24-26 inch waist with 40-45 inch hips, its already a WOW booty involved. But when your waist and bottom begin to imitate the shape of one of those ‘Carlos Rossi’ wine bottles, I have to call for a deflate.

Now I’m not smashing on my ‘homegrown’ ladies. All you can do is maintain the best health for your body frame and be well. But when you are knowingly going under the knife/needle; either by a professional or your friendly blackmarket representative, I wonder if its really worth it. We’ve got women pumping up like their bottoms have one of hose buttons that ReeBok shoes use to have when you wanted to pump more air into the shoe.

As a woman, I totally get the desire to look good and feel good about how I look. But there isn’t enough bootylicious injection on this earth to make me gaze into the mirror and say, “hmm, forget healthy proportion and ratio, I think I’d look better with the ass of a horse!”

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