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Game Of Thrones Themed Pop-up Feasts in SF

Updated: Dec 12, 2016 13:25
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Dinner is COMING!

I, like so many of you, LOVE the Game of Thrones series. To put it bluntly, I am a card carrying nerd to the fucking Nth degree. I love to read, I get deeply invested in characters, I croak my portents for future books like a modern-day Cassandra.  In a world of the visual, I am still rapt in the realm of imagination, which the Game of Thrones series provides ample food for.  Ah, but if only this cuisine of the mind was able to sustain me in my real life…

The nice thing about being a nerd, is that there is always someone who is a bigger nerd than you; someone who trips out on an entirely different aspect of your mutual fixation.  Thankfully fellow nerd Chef Graham Bellefuellie and Sous-Chef Ty Cox have taken their love of the Seven Kingdoms and paired it with their interest of medieval cooking and used it to create The Guild of Cookery.

Bearing the motto of “Dinner is Coming,” this pop-up feast will appeal to book nerd and foodie alike. Started in 2013, the Guild of Cookery immediately gained a cult following. Tickets go quickly, so I personally am in the habit of immediately buying two the second I get an email- I never have to beg for a date to this event.

Tiny birdies, in the wine…

To anyone who has read the books, or seen the TV show, knows that Game of Throne is nothing short of food porn, with large sections of the books devoted to recounting feast scenes in mouth-watering, vivid detail. Armed with these descriptions, and a collection of medieval cookbooks, the chefs of the Guild of Cookery create their fantastic feasts. Snake stew and lamprey pie at the Red Viper’s Feast; prosciutto wrapped quails stuffed with marrow and lemon cakes for the Feast of Highgarden; peppered boar and aurochs roasted in leeks for the Feast of Winterfell.

Snake stew bitches!

The most recent feast was the Feast of the Wall- while the menu reflected the starkness (HA!) of life at the Wall, it was no less delicious than any of the more elaborate feasts. Before food was served, we all took our vows and became brothers (and sisters) of the Wall. Then the feast was served- steamed snow crab legs, cauliflower pie, garlic crusted lamb, and the best mulled wine I have ever had the pleasure of drinking.

The chefs, and their assistants, put on an amazing feast. It’s a great place to meet strangers, obsess about the books (or TV series) and enjoy one of the most delicious and fun to talk about dining experiences you’ll probably ever have. The Guild of Cookery has two upcoming Game of Thrones feasts on March 7th and March 21st. The menus and locations are not yet set, but a little bird tells me we MIGHT get to enjoy the sumptuous spread of Pentos. Also pro-tip, if you want to go, get your tickets as quickly as possible and dress up- any good nerding is worth doing right after all.

All Photos by Sheldon Steere Photography

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