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Santigold performs live at the masonic and we’ve got free tickets!

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Santigold is Santi White: an artist whose perseverance relies on invention, a champion who survives off her own skill and faith. She is a major muse watched by the inspired world, an in categorical performer who collapses time and genre with one hand guided by tradition, while the other hand carves out a shining future. Santigold is neither calm nor mayhem, but from her lungs burst every color in between. Through chopped pianos, the clink of glass bottles, and the peaking blast of motorcycle engines, Master of My Make-Believe accounts for 21st century details of life from the heart’s center to the mind’s periphery. In her pen and in her voice, the breadth of substance presented in Santigold’s newest songs is immediate and complex. There are valleys here wherein the drudge of daily living is met with caution and confronted by mortality, but underneath it all there is the celebration of each person’s power and vision to fight toward what they believe. Consider this your invitation.

Catch her live on Monday, April 4, 2016 @ 8PM | The Masonic | Tickets can be purchased here

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  1. Jason Strickland
    April 6, 2016 at 9:43 am

    Santigold’s “Big Mouth” is very impressive and extremely hot song. Song that I appreciate is “Disparate Youth”. There is best lyrics song of this pretty singer. She is very pretty laddy.