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New Posters Lampoon Mission Real Estate Listings…Using Actual Realty Listing

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mission reality bingo cover

Open House Listing: Mission District SF – “Come for the ‘ethnic cafes’ and ‘hip night spots’!

San Francisco has become nearly synonymous with the phrase ‘gentrification’ over the last decade, and no case is more exemplary than in the housing market.   Where the Mission District in SF used to be known for its diversity, its broke artists & colorful dive bars, the cost of living has reshaped the landscape.  Now that the median cost of a home in SF is $1.3 million, and the median monthly rent for a one bedroom is $3.5k, real estate marketers have developed their own buzz words and adjectives to attract wealthy prospectors willing to spend a large portion of their six figured+ salary on the “epitome of San Francisco Living”.  Where mission Open House listings in the 90’s probably read something like: “upstairs from a funky art gallery & a short run to public transit, $500/month +deposit.” Now they read “As is! Bring Your Developer! 860 Sq Ft, $995,000!”

mission realty

lord help us

Designer and long time Mission resident Kelly Niland, has taken the exaggerated real estate jargon from actual SF open house listings this month, and created a bingo card to be shared by one and all.  “Mission Reality Bingo” posters will be popping up on street corners around your neighborhood, and nice heavy weight posters of the game boards may be purchased at Campfire Gallery, Aggregate Supply, and Industrious Life , to help pay back her printing costs.

mission real estate bingo

Get out your bingo markers…the laughter is bitter sweet…but perhaps mostly bitter.

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