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Trump Suffers HUUUGGEE Defeat in Music Battle on Streets of New Orleans

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photo by Eli Mergel

Guest post by Broke Ass Drumpf

When Donald Drumpf flew to New Orleans last Friday for a rally on the eve of the Louisiana Primary, a giant brass band, backed by Drumpfet/vuvuzela-wielding supporters, dancers, and protestors, swarmed the rally grounds like a guerilla army of peace, love, and understanding. Police at the gates were quickly overwhelmed by the hundreds of peaceful paraders, who stormed the levee walls through an unblocked access point and headed directly towards the Lakefront Airport Hangar where the rally was held. The parade crossed both lanes of traffic on the street, in front of two hapless Levee District Police officers, and it wasn’t until the last minute that the Secret Service was able to stop the parade in the parking lot of the rally. Backup was called, and the authorities requested that the paraders move back across the street. The protesters and musicians did not comply and instead danced and sang and protested even louder holding onto that ground for the duration of the Rally and creating their own Island of Protest. The secret to trumping the will of the secret service and police turns out to be giant brass band dance parties where everyone is too busy dancing and playing music to pay attention to their demands.

Check out the photos in Vice’s coverage of Trumpets Trump Drumpf which might be the freshest protest movement this election. Most exciting of all, en route to the Airport Hangar they had a musical battle of the bands against a single Trump-supporting musician playing a flute like he was a minuteman in the Revolutionary War! Yes, a FLUTE. And he was wearing a VETS 4 Trump shirt!

This video is amazing:

Co-Organizer Travis Laurendine explained to us that he wanted to ensure that “America doesn’t think New Orleans, the Multicultural Heart of America, would support someone dividing the country like Drumpf. The type of cultural fusion that is essential to the New Orleans creative spirit could not survive a Drumpf presidency. ” Laurendine and his co-conspirators are waiting to see the results at the RNC, and if in fact Drumpf does win the nomination, they have plans to turn Trumpets Trump Drumpf into its own Super PAC designed to build a movement of musicians who drown out the messages of hate spewed by Drumpf at his rally across the country with the music of love played by Trumpets. Laurendine finished saying, “Imagine a world without Trumpets. Now Imagine a world without Trump. Which one do you want to live in? That’s the choice we want America to ponder.”

Check out the event page on facebook for more info, photos, and videos!


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