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10 Plot Suggestions That Would Make Full House More San Franciscan

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full house

In response to the recent revival of the show ‘Full House’ here are some plot suggestions to make the show more San Franciscan.

1. Danny raises rent on Uncle Joey’s basement apartment. Financially strapped Joey begins work as an Uber driver.

2. Michelle starts a YouTube channel featuring weekly episodes of her sampling different artisanal jams.

3. @Comet_the_Dog joins instagram.

comet the dog

A selfie from @Comet_the_Dog

4. Stephanie learns the power and danger of hashtags. Undergoes extreme self-doubts. Sublets room and goes for profile pic-changing trip to Thailand.

5. Danny Tanner grows a beard, initiating crisis in self-identity. Partially shaves to regain sense of being, leading to an ill-informed goatee.

6. Neighbor Kimmy Gibbler frankly discusses polyamory with guest star Margaret Cho.

7. Uncle Jesse starts a growing operation. Rebecca develops a food allergy.

8. @Comet_the_dog Instagram account deleted after accidental posting of private lick pics.

9. Danny evicts Uncle Joey. Leases now vacant basement to a startup.

10. DJ comes out of the closet. Rest of the family continues with brunch.

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Cirrus Woods

Cirrus Woods