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Italian Girl in Dublin

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In honor of National Poetry I figured I’d post something I wrote awhile back. Some of you might recognize it from Love Notes and Other Disasters (which you can get right here!)


italian girl in dublin

i love your tiny breasts
and the way they come to rest
on me when were naked and trying to catch our breath
and lying here beside you
makes me feel like I am special
cause we are both so lonely from following our devils
but lets not talk of things we’ve done
or lives we could’ve changed
lets just stay here whispering
and listening to the nighttime irish rain

i traced your giant scar
from your belly to your sternum
but didn’t ask you questions cause I was sure you always heard ’em
and you explained it anyway
a car wreck in the rain
said doctors took an organ but you don’t know its english name
then you pointed to my beer belly
said none of us are perfect
i laughed out loud and kissed your neck
and we began another circuit

i watched you from the bed
while you smoked out of the window
and thought you looked like someone from a 1920’s photo
all you wore were black socks
black thong and black turtleneck
the curtain partially covering you as you finished your last cigarette
then you came back to the bed
pulled down the covers and got in
i’ll always remember that night and you
my italian girl in dublin

Like this piece? It’s in my zine called Love Notes and Other Disasters.You can get it here!

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