5 ‘Geek Chic’ Must-Have Fashion Items For Men

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A lot of men look up to athletes and entertainers for fashion tips, although the good old days of super baggy jeans and backwards baseball caps seem to be long behind us. Whether it’s Russell Westbrook’s penchant for glasses without lenses or Pharrell’s hat collection, more and more men are turning to geek chic as a default fashion mode.

So, how can a man turn his wardrobe into something resembling geek chic? By adding the following pieces, of course! They should be available in affordable prices in most popular shops such as Bloomingdales, so you don’t have to worry about purchasing them. And now read on to find out what exactly is it that you need:

1. Graphic Tees

This is one of the most obvious additions that you can make to your wardrobe. Grabbing a t-shirt with some sort of arcane or esoteric reference to science or math is always recommended. Or, you can make a statement about your favorite comic book character or superhero by wearing a shirt with their logo on it. No matter if you’re a fan of science fiction, anime or anything else – choose  a shirt that showcases your love for something special.

2. Glasses

One of the fun parts about changing your look to geek chic is getting to pick out a brand new pair of glasses. While a pair of oversize glasses might be the best choice for you, don’t sleep on the benefits of a great set of horn rims. They can allow you to find that elusive middle ground between geeky and stylish, so make sure you consider various options.

3. Add Some Long Sleeve Shirts

Plain, bold colors tend to work best for your long sleeve shirt collection. You can either choose a red or turquoise shirt, or perhaps you’re a bit more eclectic and you’d prefer something a little more off the beaten path. Unusual patterns and stripes can be found at your local thrift shop. Layering is a major aspect of the geek chic look, so choose wisely!

4. Zip Up Hooded Sweatshirt

A common choice for the geek gone casual, a hooded zip up sweatshirt can provide extra layers when it is too cold for a t-shirt or even long sleeves. Any color will work just fine and you can also add a striped or geometric pattern. However, remember that if you need something to wear over a shirt, then a cardigan or jumper is a better choice.

5.  Skinny Jeans

Creating a slim, streamlined look is what geek chic is all about and no look is complete without the right pair of skinny jeans. A regular fitted pair looks great in brown and blue, or you can go with a pair of red slim fit jeans if you’re feeling particularly adventurous. Those who are on the huskier side can grab a pair of black of skinny jeans, since these are able to flatter the figure of practically everyone.

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