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10 Most Legendary Beds of All Time

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This article is brought to you by the Mattress experts at your San Francisco Tuft & Needle Store, the highest rated mattress company online, a company that every month donates all of it’s floor models to charity.

We were inspired by the mattress experts at Tuft & Needle to create a list of the greatest, most incredible, most legendary, sleeping set-ups in all of history.

10.’Bed-In for Peace’

John Lennon and Yoko Ono’s did a 2 week-long “Bed-Ins for Peace” protest against the Vietnam War.  The protest took place at 2 different hotels, the Amsterdam Hilton and the Queen Elizabeth Hotel, Montreal.  Both hotels are still open for business – for Amsterdam, ask for room 902; for Montreal, ask for the John and Yoko Suite, which features memorabilia including press articles, photos and gold records. Read more: rock and pop music pilgrimages.

9.  The Bedchamber” in Versailles

King Louis XIV’s bed.  The King of France, known as ‘Louis the Great’ or the ‘Sun King’  fathered 6 children with the queen, and 20+ children with approximately 8 separate mistresses.  Gross.  Suffice it to say that this bedroom saw some royal action during Louis’ 72 year reign from 1638-1715.

8. Sex & the City Bed

Sex in the city, it’s here that sex columnist ‘Carrie Bradshaw’ explored Manhattan’s dating scene, and began chronicling the mating habits of white people in New York via HBO.

7. Bob Marley’s ‘Single Bed’

This is the bed Bob Marely was sleeping in when he wrote “Is This Love”.  You can visit it at the Bob Marley Museum in Jamaica.
“I want to love you, and treat you right,
I want to love you, every day and every night,
We’ll be together, with a roof right over our heads,
We’ll share the shelter, of my single bed


6. Charlie & the Chocolate Factory

The bed held 10 people? In the book and film, little Charlie wins a golden ticket that gives him access to a magical chocolate factory, and of course saves him from having to smell 3 generations of farts in bed every night.  This bed deserves a medal!

5.  The Original Playboy

Yes there was a time when Hugh Hefner was not a really wrinkly old man.  Back in the 1970’s he was revolutionizing the nude modeling market by pairing it with world renowned writing in Playboy Magazine.  He was reportedly a swinger…etc. etc.

4. Hotel Pamplona

The BDSM themed hotel in Osaka Japan caters to all kinds, Japan has hello kitty to BDSM themed rooms.  Check out more of Japan’s sex themed hotel rooms in this article

4.  Show Room At Tuft & Needle, 

Right here in good ol’ San Francisco.  Each month Tuft & Needle gives their show room mattresses away to those in need, their new store in SF’s design center has its own barista and wonderful customer service on hand.  As an added bonus they made Stuart promise to wear clothes next time he’s in the store.  They make the highest rated mattresses online, and they make sure their mattress are incredibly affordable, the Queens are just $600.

3.  Van Gogh’s Bedroom in Arles

The painting depicts Van Gogh’s bedroom at 2 Place Lamartine in Arles, Bouches-du-Rhône, France.  It’s rumored that if you tilt your head and close one eye, you can see Van Gogh’s ear on the pillow.

2. The Lincoln Bedroom

Maybe the most famous bedroom in the world.  You have to be a President, a certified bad-ass, or an incredibly generous campaign donor to sleep here.  The original frame of course belonged to the legendary 16th president of the U.S. Abraham Lincoln.

1.Jimmy’s Bed

We went back and forth on who would be #1.  In the end, we are a culture and arts site!  Hendrix, Drake Hotel NYC, 1968.  It’s not always the location or style of the bed, sometimes it’s the company that makes it legendary.

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