Birth Control No Longer Requires a Doctor’s Prescription in California

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Good news, everyone!

And I do, literally, mean everyone–because you can finally get birth control without a prescription in California as of Friday April 8th, 2016.  You won’t need a doctor’s appointment, just a short consultation with a pharmacist.

The law passed quite a while ago but has been held up in regulations, apparently not all pharmacies are yet set up to accommodate the new law, some pharmacists still need to be trained.

California is the third state to implement this change, in which women can go directly to pharmacies for any self-administered birth control (note: that means anything you don’t need a doctor to put in you or do to you) like pills, rings and patches.

Fair warning: there may be an extra charge from the pharmacies since they do a mini-exam before giving you the birth control. And you probably should definitely see your doctor if you have any medical history that might cause complications with certain birth control methods.

But in the tough time this is now for women…what with all the old white men trying to control our bodies who don’t seem to understand science all that well…this is a glorious turn of events.

I feel like throwing a goddamn party! A party wherein we all pop BC pills like Chiclets and screw someone’s brains out with no fear of pregnancy.


Disclaimer: do not eat pills like Chiclets and safe sex still means you should probably wear a condom because STDs are still a thing.

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1 Comment

  1. Jessica
    April 10, 2016 at 2:14 pm

    This article and title is incorrect. Birth control is NOT available over-the-counter in California. This new law allows for pharmacists to prescribe birth control, eliminating the need to contact the doctor for a prescription. It’s the difference between walking into a pharmacy and picking up Advil off the shelf versus having to wait and get a medication filled. The title of this article needs to be corrected.