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Activists to Go on Hunger Strike Till Chief Suhr is Fired

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This was posted on the 1-2-3 to Replace Ed Lee Facebook group. The group was started during last year’s mayoral campaign, and has since become a great way for activists to organize and spread the word about causes.

Shared by Yayne Abeba, who is a major force behind the Justice for Mario Woods Coalition, the post explains that the hunger strike will begin on April 21st at the Mission Police Station and will continue until Chief Suhr resigns, until Ed Lee fires him, or until Ed Lee resigns. Equipto and his mom will be doing the hunger strike while Yayne will be offering logistical support. Equipto has been one of Ed Lee’s loudest critics ever since he dissed Ed Lee in a coffee shop last year, and is one of the main reasons nobody has seen Ed Lee in public in a long time.

The original post is here if you’s like to get involved and I’ve copy and pasted text below.

A Hunger Strike For Justice
We Shall Not Eat Until Mayor Ed Lee Fires Chief Suhr
April 21st 2016, 10 am at Mission Police Station, 630 Valencia Street, San Francisco CA 94110
Beginning April 21st 2016, we will hold a hunger strike at the doors of Mission Police Station until our demands are met. No more murders of unarmed people of color at the hands of SFPD.

The city of San Francisco is suffering from an occupation. It has been occupied by tech industry fat cats and greedy developers. They are grabbing land from the native and long term residents of the city by the bay. Like plagues of locusts, they consume and leave chaos and death in the aftermath.

In the five years since Greg Suhr has taken control of the SFPD it has become a para military organization that is on the front lines of genocide at the behest of our occupiers.

The people of San Francisco can no longer stand by as our citizens are being brutally murdered by those that have taken an oath to protect and serve.

The people of San Francisco can no longer watch SFPD serve only the wealthy and privileged of this community as they murder unarmed black, brown, poor and disabled citizens.The people of San Francisco can no longer be a witness to murder.

The people of San Francisco are coming together to say enough is enough!
We can no longer watch our community be targeted and murdered. We can no longer support a department whose officers see us as animals that deserve to be put down. We can no longer support a department that is wrought with corruption, criminal behavior, racial profiling and murder. We can no longer support a Chief whose defense is that he didn’t know what was going on because his head was in the sand.

Chief Suhr’s behavior is indefensible. The people of San Francisco demand that Chief Suhr resign. If Suhr refuses to resign, we demand that Mayor Ed Lee listen to the will of the people and fire Chief Suhr. If Mayor Lee refuses to do so, then we demand that Mayor Ed Lee resign as Mayor of San Francisco.

We are Black & Brown Social Club, a project of Compañeros del Barrio Preschool, Family Day Care, and Parent Support Project.
We strive to unite and empower the Black and Brown communities through support, guidance, inspiration and training. We are encouraging and inspiring Black and Brown families to showcase their many talents in order to create and build their own futures. We are empowering people to believe in themselves and not to be co-dependent on government agencies. We must strengthen the hands of our communities not weaken them!

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  1. April 20, 2016 at 1:27 pm

    Activists thinking Ed Lee is going to do anything to stop Equipto and his mom from starving themselves to death has got to be the miscalculation of the year.