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Why is Great Highway Closed?

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Why is Great Highway Closed

Why is the Great Highway closed from Lincoln Way to Sloat Blvd? The Great Highway has been closed since February and was scheduled to be through mid-March.

  “Southbound traffic on Great Highway will be detoured on weekdays through mid-March while work crews shift excess sand from the northern end of Ocean Beach to the southern end in    an effort to combat erosion.” 

Hell, it’s almost June and that shit is still closed. But, that’s great news for you! If you’re traveling towards the San Francisco Zoo via scenic Great Highway, you’ll be met with a roadblock at Lincoln Way. I was forced to take the Great Highway byway until I reached Sloat Blvd where I made a U-turn back onto the main Great Highway. The city is shifting 25,000 cubic yards of sand from the seawall north of Golden Gate Park to the eroding area south of Sloat Boulevard. The day I was there, a single Caterpillar bulldozer – the size of a Tonka truck – persistently moved sand around aimlessly.

If you ever wanted to experience what it might be like when the end is nigh, take a stroll down the closed portion of great american highway. I saw myriad of folks utilizing this rare opportunity to use the wide street with sand slowly trickling down from the dunes above and devouring the asphalt. They walked, commenced in photo shoots, biked and jogged without the worry of being pummeled from behind by a car.

And if you need to “make,” there are two newly renovated “comfort stations” at the intersections of Judah and Taraval and Great Highway. Originally built in the 1930s, both restrooms have recently had nearly $1.5M sunk into their restoration and so citizens and tourists can no longer see these facilities as a possible place to see our very first dead body.

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