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Nametag Day In SF: Making The World a Friendlier Place

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San Francisco (CA) – Saturday, June 4th from 11am-5pm –  A city-wide event called Nametag Day will get people in SF to come out of their shells and get to know the people around them – specifically they’ll be handing out nametags at various locations around town like Dolores Park, the Castro, Hayes Valley, The Castro & SoMa.  In the words of Nametag Day Organizers:

“Imagine if everyone on MUNI was wearing a nametag. This small idea can turn SF into a participatory, open celebration of humanity.”

Nametag day organizers and volunteers are asking if you ever wanted to connect with the thousands of people walking past you? In their words:Each day brings opportunities to make new friends and share experiences. All too often, we forget to notice the people around us. Nametag Day aims to break this barrier with a bit of spontaneity and silliness, strengthening the human element of the urban experience.”  –

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Sign up! Volunteering is the funnest way to do nametag day! You join a fun team and meet new people all day. This event is of course free and simply presents everyone with an opportunity to meet the people in their neighborhoods, on their commute, near their jobs, daycares, or bdsm classes:

• Castro: Jane Werner Plaza
• Embarcadero: The Ferry Building
• Hayes Valley: Patricia’s Green
• Marina/Cow Hollow: Allyne Park
• Mission: Dolores Park
• SoMa: SoMa Streat Food Park

Nametag Map: Locations to all Nametag Day stations in San Francisco

RSVP to the afterparty!!  After a big day of celebrating all the goodness that is Nametag Day, they’re carrying that fun over to the After Party at:
6:00 – 8:00 PM. @ Southern Pacific Brewing, 620 Treat Avenue, off of 19th Street
8:00 – 10:00 PM @ Bender’s Bar & Grill, 806 South Van Ness Avenue, off of 19th Street

“A nametag is more than a name. It says ‘Hi! I’m open. I want to talk to you.’ That openness can propagate outwards and transform the entire city,” organizer Michael Morgenstern

Social Media:

Add photos on Instagram with #nametagday and they’ll put them on : ) Send Tweets to @nametagday if you take any videos.

Facebook Event SF

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