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Political Art In San Francisco

Updated: May 21, 2016 14:04
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Andres Guerrero and Matt Gonzalez invited artists to sound off on this year’s most-watched reality T.V. series: The 2016 Presidential Race.

More than 80 artists contributed pieces to Welcome to the Left Coast — which opened Saturday at the Luggage Store.

image by Michelle Guintu, Feel The Bernie, 2016

As a favor to you all I’m skipping over the part where I write at length about zeitgeists and commentaries because, honestly, I just came here to look at art, too. The show is up until June 1st at The Luggage Store and you should see it for reasons that will hopefully be obvious to you.

And now, Donald Trump smokes weed with friends.

Artist: Rene Yanez  The Donald does the pot. JK. He’s obviously a coke head. Artist: Paul Gibson. Title: Real Trump Channing Morgan, American Again (words by Langston Hughes): I am the poor white, fooled and pushed apart, // I am the negro bearing slavery’s scars. // I am the red man driven from the land. // I am the immigrant clutching the hope I seek- // And finding only the same old stupid plan // Of dog eat dog, of mighty crush the weak. Artist: Adam Feibelman. Title: Pumping at the Base *(sculpture). In back of that: Artist: Chris Johanson. Title: Sacred Shitless Artist: Justin Hager. Title: No Bozos I voted by Emily Fromm. Artist: Cate White. Title: Who do You want to be President Actually, that does improve the view. Artist: Luis Pinto. Title: The Wall Artist: Gina Contreras. Title: Annoyed, Confused, and the Sadnesss Michelle Fernandez with her photos from a Bernie Sanders rally Artist: Andrew Jeffrey Wright. Title: Dunk in the Trunk Artist: Alan Gonzalez. Title: Police Brutality

Emilio Villalba at Creep Confession.

*Photos by  Emilio VillalbaMichelle Fernandez and yours truly. Shot on various versions of broken iPhones.

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