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Pub Crawls to Distribute Awesome Progressive Voter Guides!

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San Francisco is a weird place. There are plenty of people who vote because they genuinely care, but since they often don’t have time to stay up on all the weirdness of local politics, they just vote by what the Democratic Party sends them. The unfortunate part about this, is that the people who are currently in charge of the Democratic Party’s endorsements are quite moderate and don’t reflect the progressive values of so many San Franciscans.

Luckily the League of Pissed Off Voters has been holding it down for progressives for a LONG time and they always put out one of the best voter guides each election.

If you’ve ever been in SF during an election you’ve seen the League’s voter guides in bars, restaurants, salons and pretty much anywhere else where sharp people like you hang out. And you’d be amazed at how important and influential these voter guides are, especially for those of us who believe in people power.

So now is your chance to help get these guides out there! And the best part is, it’s hella fun! The League basically throws pub crawls so people like you and I can help get these guides in the hands of the people.


Here’s a list of events/volunteer opportunities between now and the June 7th election.

Thursday 5/26 Release party 5pm Emperor Norton’s (

Tuesday 5/31 Mission Pub Crawl  8pm Pop’s (

Wednesday 6/1 D1 Pub Crawl 6pm Stein’s

Thursday 6/2 Tenderloin Pub Crawl 7pm Geary Club

Sunday 6/5 D5 Pub Crawl 5pm The Page (

–Election Night Party 8pm Oasis (

They’ll also be in Dolores Park both weekends and at Critical Mass this Friday. Check out their calendar ( for full details.

If you’d like a few stacks of voter guides but can’t make it to the release party, email and they’ll get some to you.

And of course, please share the link to their online guide!

Thanks for your help and see you out there!

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