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This Hot New App Turned our Photos of Monkeys Throwing Feces into Masterpieces

Updated: Jul 12, 2016 08:21
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This new photo filter app is putting Insatgram to shame!  Prisma uses an AI platform to turn your IOS photos into digital art.  Art that is inspired by the painting styles of famous artists like Lichtenstein & Kandinsky.

To show you the app’s tremendous capabilities we used our own pictures of monkeys doing every day activities, like hanging at the beach with friends and throwing sh*t at people.  Watch how Prisma turns these monkeys into digital art.

Before Prisma

Before Prisma


After Prisma

Just another boring day at the beach?


BOOM! Now your boring beach photo is a work of art!

Isn’t it amazing how you can create art from a simple photograph you took of a monkey digging into another monkey’s butt? Almost instantaneously.

Just a photo

Just a photo

It’s as if Edvard Munch painted them himself:

Poof! art!

Poof! Art!

Take classic scenes from your favorite monkey films and turn them into memorable works of art


Disney Version


Awesome Version

Tired of posting the same old baby pictures on facebook?


Ta-dah! Now your monkey baby has a fun, fresh, new look


You can even take existing artwork of monkeys throwing poop, and recreate them using different artistic styles!

Also perfect for spicing up instagram photos of you and your monkey friends!

You can find the Prisma app in your itunes store here!  And remember to tag your prisma monkey photos with #Prisma

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