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The Kick Off Rally To Recall Mayor Ed Lee


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Anyone who’s been paying attention in San Francisco knows there is a lot of discontent leveled at the mayor. From selling the city out to tech companies real estate developers, to blindly supporting a police department mired in racism issues, to pushing around homeless people like they were shopping carts in order to throw a big party for the NFL, the people of SF are fed up. As we mentioned in May, the effort to recall Ed Lee has begun and the press conference and kick off rally are Friday, July 15th, on the steps of City Hall at 10am. 

Below is the info from the Facebook invite which you can RSVP for right here. Come out on Friday to show your support for the recall effort and to learn ho you can be involved.

It is six months into Mayor Lee’s new term. We have seen that he is not capable of leading our great city. As the community demanded that he take action against SFPD’s racist murders and scandalous behavior, he ignored the will of the people and stood by an inept police chief. The result was another person of color, unarmed and pregnant, was murdered by SFPD.
Mayor Lee has shown his callous disregard for the most vulnerable of our community, the homeless.
He used SFPD to intimidate and terrorize the homeless in order to push them out of tourists’ view during his precious Super Bowl City. It was a disasterous weeek of lackluster NFL events that created grid lock traffic that impeded residents from getting to work, imposed a police force that resembled an occupying military presence, and cost the taxpayers more than 5 million dollars. Although the “party” is over, the homeless continue to be harrassed on a daily basis. Criminalized for circumstances beyond their control. Circumstances created by Mayor Lee’s failed policies.

Under his “leadership” we have seen rents sky rocket to the highest in the country. His failed housing policies have benefited developers and big business at the expense of the middle class and poor. As a result, 70% of our homeless community are victims of displacement. A great deal of them are families.

These are just a few highlights of a Mayor who has failed the people of San Francisco.

We must hold him accountable. It is time for him to step down. If he does not resign, then the people will remove him from office.

We ask that the community join us on the steps of city hall to let the Mayor know that we will no longer tolerate his selling out the people of San Francisco to developers and the tech industry. It is time for him to go.

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