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We all go back with CeeLo since the days of his debut with Atlanta, Georgia born group, Goodie Mob. And as soon as we heard that raspy soulful voice say,

“It’s such a blessing when my eyes get to see the sun rise, I’m ready to begin
Another chance to get further away from where I’ve been
But I’ll never forget everythang I went through, I appreciate the shit

Because If I hada went and took the easy way
I wouldn’t be the strong nigga that I am today
Everythang that I did
Different thangs I was told
Just ended up being food for my soul

We knew he was bound for greatness and more than people mocking him for his stout stature. He performs at the Independent with Nikki’s Wives as the opening act. Both of his parents were ordained ministers and he started his music career in church. His father died when he was just two years old and his mother, Sheila J. Callaway, a volunteer firefighter, was in a fatal car accident and died when he was 18. Catch him on his Love Train Tour, where he’ll undoubtedly perform his 2015 single, Robin Williams; his open letter and tribute to the San Francisco comedian and other memorable performers/comedians we lost in 2015.

Thursday, July 21, 2016 | The Independent | Tickets can be purchased here

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