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BEAST Crawl Lit Fest is Almost Here!

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There are a few things that I do every day single: brush my teeth, swear and, of course, read. And let me tell you, I read like a mother fucker. I read at least a book a week and have done so since I was in middle school. So when I heard about BEAST Crawl was happening this Saturday, June 16, believe you me, my attention was caught.

Celebrating its fifth year, BEAST Crawl Lit Fest is a free night full of literary madness. Featuring 200 writers, in four hours, spanning 38 venues this is a book worm’s wet dream. Starting at 5 PM and going to 9 PM, each leg of the crawl lasts one hour and allows time to reach the next destination on the map. Following the readings, there will be two after hours parties – one 18 and up, the other 21 and up so you the book bliss doesn’t have to end at the last reading.

So get out your reading glasses and dust off your book marks. BEAST Crawl Lit Fest is the place to catch some of the East Bay’s amazing literary talent, meet some new buddies, and pick up a stash of great new stuff to read.

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