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How an Electric Scooter Can Save the Air and Cows and Stuff

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This ride was made possible by GenZe, the electric scooters that help you see your city in a whole new way.


The East Bay is absolutely beautiful.

There are rolling hills, gorgeous views, and giant trees reaching for the stars. I mean sure, West Oakland may look a little uh…industrial, and yes, Berkeley is filled with so many damn awkward college students. But honestly we are so freaking blessed to have all this beauty in the East Bay. For instance, did you know there’s a free petting zoo in Tilden Park? No, really. Here I am with a cow:


If you would like to keep seeing cows and trees and birds and running water, we’ve got to change a few things. You may or may not want to believe it, but all that is going to shit because we’ve polluted the hell out of the best things in life.

One key way in which humans have been the worst is our transportation. We have too many cars. And yes, though the public transit situation in the Bay Area as a whole is pretty good, they’d be more effective if more people used them. Bicycles are also just about the greenest way to get around. Unfortunately, public transportation just isn’t that reliable when you have to a very busy life, and let’s be honest: not all of us are great at riding a bike. I admit it. I suck at riding my bike in traffic.

So when all is said and done, what’s your best option? What’s a great cross between a bike and a car? Perhaps something like…an electric scooter?

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Meet the GenZe 2.0 Electric Scooter. With 80% of Oakland (and San Francisco) streets at 30 MPH or below, you can zoom around with no emissions and a lot of cargo space. It makes Vespas look like kids’ toys, though to be fair, they kind of did already.

Here’s the thing, when compared to Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) research on greenhouse gas emissions, the average person would reduce their carbon emissions by 8,320 pounds every year by replacing their car with a GenZe 2.0. They would also save some serious dollars in commuting costs, gas money, parking tickets, and peace of mind that they’re not destroying the planet just by going to get groceries.

Additionally, if more San Franciscans switched the electric scooters, just imagine the beautiful and blissful ease that would descend upon us all because of the lighter traffic. For all of you who enjoy fancy gadgets, the GenZe 2.0 comes with a mobile app, a removable Lithium Ion battery, key-less activation, and touch screen display. For the rest of you, that stuff still exists and is still cool.

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If you like the idea of cruising through the Berkeley Hills without having to pedal like your life depends on it (and it so often does) and literally plug your scooter into the wall when you’re done, it’s time to get a GenZe. Wanna take a test ride? They’ve got multiple offices in the Bay Area where you can feel it out.

GenZe’s Oakland Experience Center on Piedmont Avenue is now open–just 3 doors down from Fenton’s Creamery.  This week they’re going to celebrate the new space, and you can tryout their new electric scooters or e-bikes. The event will be in conjunction with the Piedmont Avenue Merchant’s Association Art Walk, so stop by.
Thurs, July 21st 6 PM – 9 PM
4212 Piedmont Ave, Oakland, CA 94611
FB Event Details Here 

An electric scooter is so much cheaper than a car, Muni prices just keep jumping, carbon emissions are killing babies (probably), and I know you like nice things too. There are many good reasons to switch your ride out for an electric scooter. Plus it comes in multiple colors. Just remember to always wear your helmet!

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