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Art Night SF Returns!

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Art Night SF is returning for its second series of events, beginning Friday, July 29, from 5 PM – 9 PM in San Francisco’s UN Plaza.

You may remember Art Night from this article about inspiring art events, from inadvertently walking through it on your way to Civic Center Bart last year or hearing about it at the Parking Lot Art Fair, the other event headed by local artist Jenny Sharaf.

Art Night SF is a series of events, all occurring in Downtown San Francisco with the same premise: free encounters with art. You show up to see, hear and get involved with artists producing works that range from the fun to the funny, the bizarre to the sweet, the funky to the beautiful.

Photo by Derek Macario greenscreenphoto

Last year’s event featured live music, local businesses, family-friendly activities, hilarious commentary, interactive drawing and crafts, booze, food and all the art, books, clothes, crafts and visual delights your heart can handle.

This year promises more of the same.

I don’t know about you, but I want to know what the hell a bubble ball is. I want to take a photo with a green screen booth. I want to buy tiny, adorable things. I want to laugh and sing and play and dance. This is still America, g’dammit.

spraycans drawingstation

All these things and more are what you can expect if you head to UN Plaza for this night and a few other nights this year (dates in September and October are listed on the calendar).

In this troubling era, it’s good to be a part of something, to keep art alive, to keep San Francisco weird, and to find something interesting in the heart of our city.

I’ll see you there, probably getting something painted on my body. What a time to be alive.

mics peopleiveloved

Photos by Derek Macari.

Join the Facebook event here.

Visit for more details.

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